Sagittarius Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse - June 5th, 2020

We welcome the Sagittarius full moon and the emotional shifts that it’s sure to bring us. When the moon is full, emotions come to the surface for healing and release. Lunar eclipses super-charge the moon’s power to uncover hidden truths lodged in our psyches and provide a boost for internal upgrades. To harness the energy of the Sagittarius full moon, be prepared to move in an entirely different direction than you had anticipated and to find healthy ways to communicate your feelings and your commitments. With this moon, the presence of tension between what we desire and hope for and what we truly need encourages us to be truthful with ourselves about what relationships in our lives support our healthiest minds and hearts. We’re invited to rethink our paths and our relationships so that we no longer push ourselves to stay with something or someone that doesn't inspire us to be our highest selves or that doesn’t support our freedom to make choices that light us up. We’ll know if we’re in need of adjusting or more reflection if we begin to feel mounting confusion, restlessness, anger, resentment, or loss of control. If these feelings arise, be gentle and stay open to the clarity and empowerment that follow the breakdown because this moon presents us with big revelations that affect us moving forward for a very long time, and some discomfort is possible. However, the good news is that this may likely be the shake up we’ve been waiting for and didn’t even know on a conscious level. Allow all that needs to be seen, heard, felt and known inside of you have your loving attention.


Here are some recommendations for rituals or recipes for this particular full moon:

- Use a Red, White, or Blue candle or if you have the Full Moon Candle you can use that instead

- Add a small pinch of Tobacco (for communication), Rose (for healing), and Rosemary (for peace and healing)

- Add a small drop of Sword and Shield Anointing Oil to the candles surface

- Light this after setting your intentions for the candle


It would also be a good idea to burn your intentions or what you want to release on a piece of parchment or a large piece of Bay leaf.  Be safe when burning these things, do it outside or with water nearby to put it out if anything happens.

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