Weekly Astrological Forecast for 6/1

This week is packed with passion and chemistry centered around relationships and money. The beginning of the week can lead to fun flirtation and affection, but try to stay present rather than make plans for the future. The energy can shift quickly, so be mindful that this time is about reflecting on what qualities you value in relationships and not necessarily for cementing long-term commitments. Be careful in the earlier part of the week not to mistake love for chemistry and refrain from taking impulsive actions that you might regret later. This energy can also manifest as frustration and tension due to a deep desire and longing for unresolved connections, so be gentle and practice mindful self-care if that’s the case. The full moon in Sagittarius brings a lunar eclipse giving us energy a boost for making personal and emotional upgrades. Emotions can surface with the full moon’s energy and we can feel triggered by seeing the reality of relationships or finances while having held hope and followed rules to keep the peace or maintain a vision. Soften and quiet yourself into allowing your intuition to speak to you and help you find balanced peace within.

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