Sagittarius Season is Here to See You Grow

By Narayana Montúfar

Sagittarius season begins when the Sun enters the Fire sign of Sagittarius on Sunday, November 21 The astrology of Scorpio season was intense, so this change should feel very welcome. This zodiac sign’s sunny optimism will not only restore our energy, it will also help us integrate all the changes that have been taking place in our lives.

Ruled by Jupiter, the Planet of Growth and Abundance, Sagittarian themes center around adventure, versatility, and higher ideals. Every year, during this time, we begin to turn our minds to the future and all the possibilities it has in store for us. It is an expansive and jovial time in which we are asked to revise our aspirations as well as our philosophy of life. As the Zodiac sign that mostly relates to the higher mind, Sagittarius abandons the mundane in favor of exploring more intellectual and higher ideal pursuits.

In 2021, Sagittarius season is also colored by a clear and loud call to do social work and activism. With Jupiter (Sag’s planetary ruler), spending its last month in the community-oriented sign of Aquarius, many of us will feel the need to defend the causes that are close to our hearts. In fact, it is when we listen to that call that we activate our ability to attract more abundance into our lives. If you have been wanting to get involved in any type of community or social work, this is the time to take that step!

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to embodying the highest vibration of Sagittarius is to have a clear target! Like its animal sign depicting an Archer with a bow and arrow, Sagittarius energy needs to be focused on its objective to achieve its greatness. Otherwise, it risks spreading its fire on “too many options,” leading it to not accomplish anything real or tangible.

So… Which target will you pursue during the next four weeks?

The energy will be primed for manifesting! Even though we will be in the midst of eclipse season, the planets will be kissing instead of fighting like they were during Scorpio season. The first ten days of Sagittarius season look golden as Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun harmonize with Saturn and Neptune. Around this time, Neptune will also be ending its five-month retrograde, allowing us to get back in touch with our deepest dreams. Neptune’s big psychic energy will be activated around this time—so dust off your vision board and get to work!




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