Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 22 – Deep Healing

By Narayana Montúfar

We are now under the Sun in Sagittarius. There’s a sense of optimism in the air, as many of us will be in the spirit of celebration. As we prepare to see family and friends, we will be revisiting certain themes of the past.

Over the next few days, Chiron will be getting activated. Being the archetype of the Wounded Healer, Chiron relates to some of the deepest insecurities we carry. It is that sensitive and sore spot we all have and that, consciously or subconsciously, act from. As Chiron is activated by three different planets, we will get the opportunity to revisit some of these deep wounds. In a way, this is quite fitting for the overall theme of the week. Since in many cases, Chiron manifestations relate to our family or childhood. The good news is that a positive resolution is possible, as the cosmos will pave the terrain for deep, meaningful healing to take place.

The first Chiron activation arrives as early as Monday as the Moon in Cancer clashes with Chiron in Aries. Since Cancer is the sign of the mother and Chiron is Retrograde, issues from the past could come up now. This could make us feel quite emotional and we might even try to hide to protect our feelings. But below this tension, the healing properties of the Water element help us feel our way through the darkness. They remind us that nurturance ultimately comes from within, and that it is a life-long commitment with our higher selves.

On Thursday, the Moon (now in Leo) will harmonize with Chiron. This connection will warm our hearts, helping us have compassion and see the best in one another. And while things could still get intense, we can stand up for ourselves and our beliefs in a way that is courageous and prideful but also positive. 

The rewards of staying true to our nature come as early as Saturday, when the cosmos delivers real progress. This time, Saturn in Aquarius will form a gorgeous sextile with Chiron. Being the Planet of Time, Authority, and Karma, Saturn is here to seal the deal on this week’s healing journey by rewarding our efforts to heal our deepest wounds. Since Saturn represents our elders and parents, this could manifest as them finally accepting how meaningful our journey is, regardless of how different it is to theirs.

Bask in being seen, you have earned it.




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