Full Moon in Aries: Remember Who You Are!

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Mantra: “I am beginning to remember who I am, what my soul yearns for, and what I am here to do.”    

Feel your fire within being lit now! We close the month of September with a powerful Full moon, which rises in the sky on Friday, September 29th at 2:58 a.m. Pacific Time. We experience a Full Moon every single month—however, this one feels different for a very important reason. It is illuminating the skies of Aries, which is the zodiac sign that the Lunar North Node began activating starting July 17th.  

This is the first big lunar event that stimulates the themes that we all, collectively and regardless of our zodiac sign, will be working with until mid-January 2025! Be prepared to experience situations that will have you retrieving the energy you have invested in others, so you can focus it on yourself. In a world that asks so much of us, from so many different directions, this could feel triggering for some. 

The intensity that the Cosmic Destiny Points (also known as Lunar Nodes) are beginning to expand now could easily make us feel selfish, like we are abandoning our family, clan, or community. But know that, looking out for yourself is exactly what the universe is asking you to do. In fact, the more you walk this new path of true, unapologetic authenticity, the more you are elevating the collective vibration. By seeing you defending your ideals, focusing on your passion projects, and walking your talk—you are inspiring others! How refreshing is that? 

And while it is refreshing to know that the universe is instigating us to “follow our bliss,” it is not totally easy to do. Collectively, we have not experienced this combination of energies since 2006, which is the last time the Lunar North Node was in the sign of the Ram. Below are some reflection questions that will help you in this process, not only at this Full Moon, but over the next sixteen months. 

Reflection Questions for the September Full Moon in Aries

What I am here to do?

When am I truly happy, and why?

What do I feel most passionate about?

How much do I enjoy my time when I spend it alone?

Is my path reflecting someone else’s desires other than my own?

How much of my weekly time do I spend doing something I truly love?

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