Weekly Astrology Forecast I September 25 - Mars conjunct South Node of Destiny: 6 Powerful Mantras to Remove Fear

There is no way to sugarcoat it, the energy could be intense due to a somewhat rare alignment that occurs this week. Mars forms a once-every-two-year conjunction with the Lunar South Node of Destiny. While this aspect won’t be exact until October 3, it is active from September 26 to October 10, and it’s something we must stay aware of. To better understand what we are working with, let’s pull apart this combination!  

In astrology, Mars is named after the Greek God of War, Ares. It is a planet of intensity that we attune to every time we chase a goal, have sexual interactions, and defend ourselves. Mars is a planet of, primordially, masculine energy that is very noticeable and can’t be ignored. It is hot, magnetic, and bothering at the same time! 

In evolutionary astrology, the South Node of Destiny is a point in the sky seen as the universe’s cosmic vacuum cleaner, clearing away everything that it touches. One can see it as a karmic broom that sucks energy out to take it into the ethers, connecting the past with the present and the future. 

When this planet and this point in the sky align, we will experience the most intense vibrations of Mars in our immediate environment, as well as in the news. When Mars and the South Node of Destiny align, anger from the past comes back to the surface, most likely to be resolved once and for all.  

Since this conjunction is happening in the sign of Libra, relationships are being put to the forefront. A battle of wills can be reminiscent of a pattern that continues to repeat, over and over again, but with different people. Of course, this instigates a fear-based mentality, which only serves to manifest worst-case scenarios. Breaking the patterns that come up at this time takes Martian energy—guts, courage, and sacred words that create a deep sense of trust—the mantras below can help! 

“I am no longer fearful; I trust in the magic of my future.”

“I release this; when I let go of anger, it no longer controls me.”

“This pattern no longer serves me; I am ready for something better.”

“My past no longer influences me; I only hear my bright future’s call.”

“Old karma is being cleared, which only takes me closer to my dharma.”

“I am the spiritual warrior, unafraid of standing up for what I believe in.”

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