Weekly Astrology Forecast I September 18 - Download Divine Guidance with this Fall Equinox Ritual

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This week, the never-ending waves of change arrive on Saturday, September 23rd, when the Sun makes its entrance into the cardinal, air sign of Libra. This is the official starting day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning of Libra season. 

This entire day is charged with magic and this exact moment is very telling of the energies we will be working with over the next three months. In the astrological chart of the Fall Equinox, the Sun activates the asteroid Pallas Athene, meaning that divine wisdom will be available to us. The Moon will be in Capricorn, giving us an ambitious streak and the desire to chase our goals with strength and conviction. 

But the most striking astrological aspect of this chart is a Grand Water Trine formed by Saturn in Pisces and asteroids Vesta in Cancer and Ceres in Scorpio. These three water signs are healing and magical, functioning as Divine Feminine assistance as we cross the portal into the season ahead. If you’re ready to welcome the Fall, the ritual below is for you!


The Ritual

You will need sage, Palo Santo, or incense—plus, three things that you felt or that happened to you this summer and that you would like to remove from your life. You will also need three desires that you would like to manifest in the season ahead. Find a body of water near your house, it can be the ocean, a lake, a pond, your bathtub, or just put a lot of water into a container in which you can put your feet and stand for a few minutes.  

Begin by lighting up your herb and meticulously clean your entire body as well as the space you’re in. Clear the air at the top of the water and then with a feeling of deep intention, put your feet inside the water. Repeat the following mantra three times: “Vesta, Ceres, and Saturn, wash away my sorrows. I surrender to the cleansing energy of the water element.” 

Next, mention the three things that you would like to remove from your life, and imagine them being removed by the water, swimming away. Then, repeat the following mantra three times: “Sun, our primordial star, illuminate my path so I can find my way towards my cherished desires,” and repeat each one of your desires three times. Finish the ritual by saying thank you to the Sun and the elements. 

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