New Moon in Virgo: Exciting New Beginnings!

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By Narayana Montúfar 


Mantra: “My mind is open, my heart is ready, and I am excited to experience the newness the world has to offer.” 

An exciting new beginning is in store! On Thursday, September 14th at 6:40 p.m., we welcome this month’s New Moon. Today, the Sun and the Moon kiss in the earth sign of Virgo, bringing a double dose of grounding energy to the scene that has been much needed. 

As an earth sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s specialty is to analyze, fix, and enhance information. Since Mercury has been retrograde for the past three weeks, we’ve been deep in a state of self-reflection, focused on figuring out an important project or situation. The retrogrades of Mercury are a normal occurrence, as they happen three to four times a year. However, from August 23 to September 3, this Mercury retrograde overlapped with the retrograde of Venus, which added another layer of intensity and confusion. 

The good news is that in less than twenty-four hours after this New Moon occurs, Mercury goes direct, also in Virgo. And while Mercury will take some days to move at a regular speed (which won’t happen until Wednesday, September 20), this New Moon can already begin unlocking the information we’ve been seeking. And while the road won’t be totally clear, we are now receiving more help from the universe!  

This New Moon brings the energy of Jupiter and Uranus, which can manifest in a number of ways. The connection with Jupiter promises to bring growth and expansion to anything that is begun now. However, because Jupiter is retrograde, the gains from this lunation won’t be automatic. Instead, they will come at a later time, perhaps even next year, after Jupiter goes direct.  

The Uranian activation is stronger and will bring unexpected news, breakthroughs, and aha moments. New ideas, processes, and ways of thinking will be available for those who search for them and keep an open mind. The surprises we receive now could also be shocking, but with the luminaries angled nicely with Uranus, they can become a “blessing in disguise.”

Since Uranus is also the planet of change, this New Moon in Virgo is ideal for making any life changes that now seem pertinent. We will all be in a more experimental and progressive mindset, which takes the fear away and builds up the excitement to experience something new and different. 

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