Weekly Astrology Forecast I September 11 - Harness the Asteroid Goddesses to Weather Retrograde Season 2023

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Mantra: “Divine feminine energy guides me along this year’s transformation process.” 

As we enter the second week of September, we are undeniably under a very transformative sky. A total of seven planetary bodies (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron) are all moving backward in the sky. Translated, this means that the pace of life has greatly diminished. It also means that a lot of change is happening at a deeper, subconscious level, as that is how retrogrades work. 

When planets go retrograde, it’s as if they were asleep, and their powers are diminished. So, when trying to harness the energy of the sky, we look at the planetary bodies that are awake and functioning at a normal capacity. This week, three Asteroids Goddesses change signs, initiating us into new energies that can now be harnessed. These asteroids are Pallas Athene, Vesta, and Ceres—so let’s look at what each of them is up to, and how we can harness their effects. 


Asteroid Goddess Action

Pallas Athene—the asteroid of Wisdom and Strategy—enters Libra on Wednesday, September 13th, where it will stay until November 19th. With its immense intelligence, this asteroid help us bring order to our relationships, especially after the retrograde of Venus, which ended on September 3. We can now skillfully request what we desire to receive from our closest relationships, without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Asserting yourself in this realm now will help you succeed later on. 

Vesta—the asteroid of spiritual devotion—enters Cancer on Wednesday, September 13th, where it will stay until December 20th. Occupying the zodiac sign of the Divine Mother, Vesta seeks to help us create our own heaven on Earth by focusing our energy on creating a homey den we can enter and seek introspection. The next few months are also a fabulous time to connect with our ancestors by focusing on rituals that involve fire to awaken their spirits. 

Ceres—the asteroid of Nurturance—enters Scorpio on September 15, where it will stay until November 25th. This interesting asteroid-sign combination can function as a tough love, mothering archetype, ready to destroy and transform anything that no longer serves us. This energy will be especially discerning in helping us erase any bad habits in food intake and how we nurture our bodies. A full body scrub and even a cleanse might be two perfect ways to honor this energy. 

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