Weekly Astrology Forecast I September 4 - Your Jupiter Retrograde Horoscope


As we enter September, we experience the Planet of Luck—Jupiter—backtracking in the sky. As the planet of growth and spirituality, Jupiter is the cosmic force that helps us expand in the direction of our dreams. Since May 15th, Jupiter has been in Taurus, an earth sign connected to slow and steady tangible gains. What has been transpiring for you since then? 

From September 4 to December 30, Jupiter will ask us to review all the progress we’ve made in a certain area of our lives to figure out if there’s a need to course-correct our actions. Below is the area of life you might need to adjust as retrograde Jupiter sends you messages, which you can easily access via meditative mental states. 

Aries: You’ve most likely grown your savings account or incoming cash flow. However, you might want to spend less in the following months. 

Taurus: Are the new practices, studies, or habits you’ve been focusing on truly what you would like to focus on long-term? 

Gemini: You’ve deepened your spiritual practices, and now you get to decide which ones truly resonate with the new person you are becoming. 

Cancer: Expanding your network of friends and collaborators has been your focus, and now you get to decide who to focus your energy on.  

Leo: You’ve been experiencing success in your career. Now it’s time to truly figure out which projects deserve to be developed. 

Virgo: Expanding your mind by embracing new beliefs has been your M.O. But, has everything you’ve learned been useful for you? Choose what truly resonates for you now. 

Libra: You’ve become closer with certain people in recent months. But now you get to understand them at a deeper, more spiritual level.  

Scorpio: A romantic relationship or business partnership has deepened, and now you get to examine if it’s growing in the right direction. 

Sagittarius: Your amount of work projects has been growing, but to be successful in the long run, you will have to focus only on the ones you feel most passionate about. 

Capricorn: You’ve been exploring new ways of showing your creativity, and now you get to decide what truly inspires you! 

Aquarius: You’ve been expanding your home and creating a deeper sense of security. Now, you get a break from all this effort.  

Pisces: Learning to express yourself has been a priority, and now you get to decide what your voice of communication style will be. 

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