Shapeshifting, Journeying & Fire Ceremonies: Shamanism Classes in June



This June, our resident shaman Nabeel will be offering many new classes on shamanism, magic and manifestation. He’ll be covering new topics like shapeshifting and working with Thought-Forms, as well as his regular monthly workshops on journeying to connect with spirit guides and manifesting with fire magic. 


He’ll kick off the month with “Shamanic Shapeshifting,” where you can discover your natural ability to transform. You’ll learn the art of stalking—a shamanic technique for self-transformation and the foundation of all shapeshifting practices. You can also come to his workshop on “Creating Thought-Forms for Health, Wealth & Love,” and learn how to create magical beings who will empower you to achieve your goals. And if you’ve never seen or felt auras, then have your mind expanded in “Seeing, Feeling & Healing Auras” where Nabeel will show you simple techniques that anyone can use to experience auras for themselves. 


Of course, Nabeel will continue to offer his usual classes on “Shamanic Journeying: Connecting with Spirit Guides” and “Manifesting Intention with Shamanic Fire Magic.” Journeying and fire ceremonies are the cornerstones of shamanic practice, and Nabeel provides an accessible, inspiring introduction to these essential techniques. Visit for more information about each of Nabeel’s shamanism classes and RSVP online or by phone now as space is limited. 

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