SUPERMOON in Taurus Monday November 14th

A supermoon means that it is closer to the earth than other moons. This one is closer to the earth than it’s been for 68 years! While most full moons bring heightened energy, this one will allow you to stop and smell the roses. You can stop living in the past or future and listen to what your body needs.

The full beaver moon brings us the energy of practicality and tactile awareness. It says get grounded and connect to mother earth. Be patient and feel the calming energy of Taurus sooth the strain of the investigative Scorpio sun energy. You can more easily focus on a plan of action with clarity as Taurus (the bull) in ancient mythology represents illumination.

You arrive at the bulls-eye where you can see your greatest wishes and truly awaken into your potential as we draw closer to 2017 which is a ‘1’ year (all about new beginnings guided by spirit and aligned with group evolution). Emotions ran high leading up to the full moon but now we feel relief and sensual.

Taurus is ruled by romantic Venus and the sun is in Scorpio, awakening our desire and physical needs. Notice how people’s energy is shifting and perhaps put on your favorite outfit, eat chocolate or go on a date! Remember life is meant to be enjoyed even amidst hard work and transformation!

The full moon brings the seeds you planted on October 30th to fruition if you’ve done some work towards it and it’s meant to be, so watch out for exciting opportunities! It’s time to release anything that is not good for you, whether it’s a habit, a person or a food! This includes negative self talk! Clear these unnecessary parts of your life out to be ready to start something new November 29th when it’s a ripe time to plant seeds in group consciousness. Remember we offer you a special candle for each full and new moon to work with these powerful cycles! 

If you want to connect to the moon cycles more, we have astrology books in our library. You can also check out my bi-monthly class called ‘Manifesting with The Moon Cycles and Vision Boarding’ where you will learn how to efficiently use creative energy. I also offer classes on other aspects of astrology you can check out on here:

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