Tarot Card of The Week: The Hermit

The Hermit Tarot Card - What Does it mean?
Spirit blows me away again when I draw random cards for you guys because the Hermit=Virgo which equals Mercury. We are in a very unique planetary situation right now! We are entering Virgo, there's a solar eclipse, a new moon and Mercury goes into retrograde all at the same time! I know. That sounds like a lot. But don't freak out. 

When Hermit shows up in a reading I almost always read it as a teacher or a mentor. I see the Hermit as someone who has it all figured out. He's walked a long road, seen it all and has achieved an incredible amount of enlightenment on his journey. He's turned from a baby into a hump-backed old wise man and retreats, turning his back from the world he got to know so well. He's finally reached the end of his climb and stands at the snowy top of the mountain. Now he lights the way for the students of the great mysteries with his lantern of glowing intelligence before he turns his back on the world and enters into the next plain of existence, which even to a master like himself, is completely unknown. 
When most people hear of all this planetary stuff happening right now, they go into an apocalyptic panic and scurry running for cover. Mercury in retrograde is a very real thing that causes a lot of real annoyances, however we need to learn how to use it. For me personally, I just got in minor yet expensive car accident, my friends are getting colds and I'm terrified I'm gonna get sick with all I have to do, hold times on automated systems take FOREVS and it feels like no one "gets me." But all this is the universes way of telling me, "Harriet, slow your roll. Your ego is taking the wheel and making your decisions."
Virgo is time to harvest, the Eclipse is time to let the old go before making way for the new, and Mercury retrograde is time to slow down. This all may sound contradictory and confusing which is why panic sets in, but it's really not. I must accept that I don't know it all and, like the Hermit, seclude myself in this realization, stay still and just let my inner heart flame do its thing and glow. It's really very simple actually. Our egos tend to make things way more difficult than they have to be. 

This alignment calls you to slow down and breathe with the knowledge you have attained thus far, before completely changing directions. This will be easier to do now that you've been forced to take the time to verify the new perspective you've gained. We mustn't panic, if we just focus on how remarkable and beautiful it is that these planets move and change and how cool that must look up close, it's easier to succumb to the natural rhythms of life and let it wash over us.
I had a dream last night about relationships and intuitively I feel a need to give a message to all the beautiful couples out there. These planetary aspects will affect relationships. This is a solitary Virgo soldier time. The only way to get through any problems with your partner is to go at it alone and walk your own journey--together but separate for the month. It's the only way you'll make it. Your partner will be upset because you are not making them happy and vice versa, so seclude a little bit and make YOU happy. By doing this, you are attracting love closer and the fires will burn even through this retrograde and the sun and moon eclipsing together. 
Consciously make the effort to make no effort. Don't fight the change. Relax and let what you already have glow through you. Get away from other people if you need to or can. This is a solitary journey. You're smarter now. Good luck, you gorgeous human! Help pave your way with our The Hermit Major Arcana candle. You can get it here. 
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