Tarot Card of The Week: Two of Swords

Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning : Tarot Card of the Week
Your card today is Two of Swords: Today is the Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces, which can feel like a tidal wave of emotion, particularly for those who have a lot of water in their chart.
Two of Swords comes through to tell you that in this very feminine and watery time it is of paramount importance that you delve deep into your psyche and heart. Intuitively, I feel that you need mothering. You need to have your hair stroked and your forehead kissed. The figure on this card is androgynous, meaning that at the heart of archetypal femininity is a male core and vice versa.
He/she blindfolds themselves and gestates in order to attain nothingness and void. From this receptive place is where dreams, revelations and intuition sprawl, blossoming and opening under the eclipse like nightblooming jasmine.
There is so much going on but you define it as chaos and worry because there is a part of your soul that feels fundamentally unsupported. Mother this part and hold him/her to the warmth of your own bosom and deeply inhale your own perfume. Close your eyes and hover on the face of the water. You are nothing and no one. All voices of past and future are muted. You are uncondensed energy and unexpressed consciousness. You are above thinking, feeling and being. Those are all limitations which you can choose to accept or not.
Let go and commit to being uncommitted. This is your life purpose, to live in Union and accordance with your truest self. You are nothing but the breath of God.
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