Simple Routines Witch Heal

When House of Intuition was founded, the intention was that it would be a spiritual detox center. That means that each customer would get tools and education about how to clear their negative emotions and activate their potential as extraordinary spiritual beings. That may sound far fetched for someone who is new to the metaphysical world but we speak from experience when we say that the routines we promote, do in fact help you feel much better, deal with things easier and step into new realities (jobs, relationships, perspectives) you hadn’t seen as possible. At House of Intuition, we live our lives as healers, we don’t show up and put on a hat, we live and breathe this so you can learn how to heal from the inside out. So here are the top tips for you on simple routines we use that will help you connect to your intuition, make good decisions and make everyday feel good!

As the holidays approach, distractions come too. We want to encourage you to dive deeper into your spiritual core to hold close the truth of your existence and the source of your happiness. That means, even if you travel, bring your crystals, bring your cards. Bring your journals and make your vision boards. Have a spiritual book in your bag for soul food so you don’t lose that connection to your true identity.

Here are our top 10 favorite simple routines that heal you:

  1. Morning and Evening Journaling - Put on calm music and light a candle. Sit down with your journal and breathe slowly and deeply. Ask the universe for any information you need to know about your spiritual growth and wait. Listen and write down what comes. If you’d like you can also pull cards for yourself while journaling in the morning. We love to start and end the day with a simple meditation like this. Set a positive intention, write it down and clear negative thoughts. As we practice positive thinking and notice the thoughts, it becomes easier to choose our thoughts throughout our day!
  2. Have Incense Burning When You’re Home -This helps to keep your nervous system calm and clears the air. This age old tradition will help cultivate a state of mind that will keep you feeling hopeful and supported. Instead of loud jarring images like horror films, try keeping your space positive and uplifting. We are constantly interacting with the energy in our home.
  3. Play Calm Music or Mantras All Day - Yes we really mean all day. This is another simple routine that will help counteract the overload and stimulation of our nervous system which has quickly hit the technology age in the grand scheme of human evolution. Even playing mantras very quietly while you’re sleeping can keep your subconscious mind in check. Play them in your car, at work and at home. Some people like to keep them on when they are not home to keep the vibes circulating and building.
  4. Drink Herbal Teas - This is a great replacement habit for energy drinks that contain strange ingredients. Adaptogens like ashwagandha and maca can help your emotions feel stable. Ginger can help lower inflammation and chamomile can help you fall asleep. Tea is a comfort and an intelligent choice that sends a message to the universe that you care for yourself. You will notice people treat you well when you are kind to yourself.
  5. Wear Crystals - Crystals each have a resonance which interacts with our body and can help induce certain states of mind or emotions. These same characteristics have been noticed by isolated cultures to show the validity of these healing tools. Rose quartz for instance is known to help with self love and attracting love while Selenite, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst help to clear negative energy.
  6. Stretch Daily - Stretching while breathing deeply is a simple daily routine that will help you manage your emotions. It releases energy blocks in your meridians that can get stuck when you sit all day. This is a great preventive health care measure and can align your chakras to increase intuition. We love yoga! Try using essential oils while you do this to relax deeper and help release muscle tension.
  7. Read for Daily Inspiration - All of our money goes to books because we love to feed our soul. It’s so helpful to read the high vibration words that can heal the way we think and relate to our life. This routine helps you remain positive even when surrounded by disempowered people.
  8. Get in A Spiritual Group Once Per Week - Getting into a spiritual group setting is like hooking up to a bunch of batteries. It’s easier to get deeper into meditation and especially when the teacher has a deep meditation practice, they can hold space for you to heal. It’s also a great way to remind yourself to live from the inside out, have an intention and feel supported by the universe.
  9. Make a Vision Board on Each New Moon - We love co-creating with the universe because life is meant to be magical. We set our intentions on the new moon and ask for direction from spirit for what we can create to help the world. We put it by our bed and honor our vision so we don’t get distracted. Remember life is meant to be fun!
  10. Take a Weekly Salt Bath - Epsom salts help to clear our energetic field and detox our body. A serious five pound bath will help you feel clear and fresh and is a awesome routine to keep you feeling positive and smiling ear to ear. Remember to drink lots of water while you’re in the hot bath! If you’re a water sign (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) this will really help you feel back to normal after a long week.

Stop by our stores or website and we have all these items (incense, candles, crystals, meditation classes, yoga classes, herbs, journals, essential oils and bath salts) ready for you to lead a healthy, happy and empowered life. We are shifting our culture with these simple daily routines. Each time we choose happiness through simple life decisions, we make the world a better place. When we share these habits, we create momentum which conceives a more peaceful earth family. Today we send you our love, we are here to help you heal, no matter where you are in your path. Thank you for reading this article and feel free to share it with a friend to pass on the message that happiness is simple and is created by simple routines that create habits that last a lifetime.


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