In Depth Astrology For Election Week

First of all, the moon is void of course in Aquarius on election day meaning we can expect some lost ballots. Next, election day is occurring one day after the first quarter moon which is the day of crisis in our moon cycle. However, the original meaning of the word crisis isn’t entirely negative. The Greek meaning of this word is a crucial decision point. That is literally where our country is at on election day. The first quarter moon November 7th, brings feelings of tension and change. But if we know why we feel this way (the moon affects our emotions), we don’t have to let it affect us as much. Know it is a temporary feeling.

This month started out with intensity and it hasn’t let up yet. Scorpio is all about intensity and if you can remain vulnerable and look at what is being reflected back to you in your relationships, you may be able to break long-standing negative cycles. If you’ve been waiting for a relationship to spark, we have the kindling, matches and lighter fluid this month!

Get ready for passion! We have a building energy now with the coming full moon next Monday November 14th. The 13th/14th will be very romantic and our need to connect in the physical world is heightened with the moon in Taurus (ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty). It seems like this month is going to be the most on fire romantically! This week is like the crescendo in an orchestra. With the sun in Scorpio most of this month we are able to create deep emotional bonds with people and we continue to transform from this energy which is about rebirth. The projects started October 30th will now be coming through so keep visualizing and taking positive action.

November 9th, you will see people needing independence as Mars enters Aquarius the day after the election. You may also see some rage coming from the loser of the election because the moon moves into Pisces which has notorious anger. So focus on something positive and don’t let it kill your vibes! Also, this week, make sure to give people their space to do the deep inner work that Scorpio does. Be passionate but do not smother.

Then on Friday the 11/11 energy will be magnified by the beginning of a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T square which is coming through next spring. If you followed the 5 Uranus-Pluto squares over the last few years, you saw how this energy shook things up in revolutionary terms politically. This brought about progressive change so we can be hopeful! It affects group consciousness a lot.

We will see some power struggles later this month as Pluto and Jupiter start to interact. Pluto is ruled by Libra which is about partnership but Jupiter is about power. We are seeing the bigger battle for group consciousness play out.

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology, come to my classes this month and next. I teach Manifesting with the Moon Cycles and Vision Boarding twice per month for the new and full moon. I also am doing a series called Astrology for the Modern Human. Want to learn how to read your birth chart? Check out my December astrology class series on our Meetup, Temple of Intuition ( ). Astrology is a great road map to help us navigate today’s world and make decisions that are in our highest good.

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