Finding Zero

 Written by Harriet

Zero is something that a lot of people have a really negative relationship with. The average person associates zero with not having anything and in our society success which is so obsessed with gain, zeroseems to illicit feelings of the opposite. To the uninitiated, Zero is nothingness, void is empty, nil is blackness. It is the uninitiated who feel separate and lives in a state of fear of the unknown, but the Magician is one who explores the terrain which normalsociety shuns. The Magician is interested in eternity. He realizes that from nothing All was created, so it would make sense that by grasping the concept of nothing and integrating it, he can create All.

Zero is where you come from when you are born and where you go to when you die. Many magical orders in history have trained their initiates in simulating this nothingness in order to grasp how to manifest. Many shaman priests through the ages would create environments of intense isolation in which the student would sit in trance and go through challenging initiations for days and weeks at a time in order to reach a place of shamanic death and rebirth. So this concept is nothing new but i was guided to reintroduce in a way that makes more sense for our 21st century world.

Because of the nature of our environments, there is so much happening around us always. The world is vibrating at such a high rate that we can often lose sight of ourselves, and fall victim to fear and apathy. So many people walk into my reading room feeling so scattered and lost. Often times what comes up for people is You need to Meditate, and stop and empty.And the response is often, well that's all fine and good but it seems easier said than done.But here's the real truth, Its not difficult to let go, in fact letting go is the easiest thing in the world, it is holding on that is hard. Do you notice how much harder your life is by holding on to fear or trauma? Its agony! Letting go is relinquishing and our egos make that seem like something that is very difficult when in reality it is our super power.

Scientifically speaking, we are billions of buzzing cells just like everything around us. Fear is what makes you feel separate, and to eradicate fear we must become aware of our unity. This is very logical however, we have an ego. Ego is a very healthy and necessary thing we are gifted with in order to survive but the goal in the class I'm teaching next week called 'Finding Zero' is to work with it vs. against it.

We all have walls up that are erected as a defense. These walls consist of many bricks or aspects of ourselves that we have created. This is the personality you have created to appear a certain way on the outside, but within those walls exists the burning flame of who you really are! This can be called your soul or your true self, however termed, this is the you that is intended by spirit at the moment of your birth. The sooner you begin practicing being in alignment with this true self, and not the you who is a personality/a product of your surroundings who is reading this right now and will eventually die, the sooner you can transcend limitations in your life and become an integrated human with heightened intuition who is capable of creating anything you may desire.

In this class, which is part lecture part ritual, we will create a symbolic egg and sit within it to find a state of zero. The egg symbolizes the incubation process. The goal here is to steer your consciousness in such a way to simulate the birth of creation. This is a magical working to enter the far reaches of beyond the galaxy, cease objective thinking and connect with the amazing human that you are intended to be. You are a soul who is one in many billions. You could have been something else, like a tree or a butterfly but you are you. You have traveled through more than one human incarnation that was a body and personality too. Get back to the core of you.


We think that the more workwe do in order to find ourselves and heal our traumas the better, but you can read a million books and climb a million mountains and still come up empty. That is because its not the more you know that matters. The perfection of the mind is actually void.

This class is geared towards those who are challenged managing their mind. We will learn simple practical tools in order to increase intuition, manifest, and live in accordance with your truest self.

Join Me November 14th at 7pm. Thank you, Harriet.


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