The Healing Power of Reiki

Have you ever had a reiki session? If you’re sensitive, you may feel a little tingling or a heat sensation during reiki. Some people at first won’t have physical sensations but will see it’s effects in their lives over the course of a few weeks and months. But if you’ve heard about it in passing, I wanted to give you a more concrete idea of what it is, where it came from and what it is useful for. I myself was a skeptic of it before having healing experiences with it and then really being amazed at how I was able to help people with it.

Where is it from? A man in Japan, Mikao Usui,  was looking for the meaning of life and went on a solo journey up a mountain for 21 days of mediation. He had an experience which felt like energy lit up his body (his nervous system). He was flooded with a powerful energy and had a physical/mental shift. He was walking down the mountain and hurt his foot badly. He placed his hands on his wound and it healed very quickly. He realized he had healing abilities from his transformative experience and dedicated the rest of his life to learning how to use this energy to help people. He trained some people to do this and it was passed on to Hawaii and then the other states.

What is it? In martial arts and Eastern medicine modalities such as acupuncture, there is a word for life force which is called chi. In India, this is called prana. Essentially this is the energy in nature. As a conduit for prana, the reiki practitioner is trained to allow the energy to flow through their system and transfer it to the person, releasing negative caught emotions that have collected in their energetic body which surrounds the physical body. We conduct electricity as human beings and emotions are charges which a healer can help clear.

What is it useful for? When people are feeling off, heavy or have been through a stressful time, they will often feel clarity and uplifted right away from this energetic clearing. It is now being used in hospitals and veterinarian centers to increase the rate of healing. It is also useful for headaches and anxiety. The emotions in the energetic body interact with the physical body when they get backed up and reiki can help relieve stress symptoms like tension in the muscles. Sometimes it’s ok to ask for help. We don’t have to do it all on our own. Reiki is also great for animals and can be sent to loved ones over a distance.

In the more sophisticated levels of reiki, a healer can help move energy (level one is just adding energy or removing blocks). Ideally your reiki practitioner will lead a healthy lifestyle and have a positive mental state. That allows them to be a clear channel for the prana which enters their head and leaves their heart chakra through their hands. Many people ask if it drains the practitioner and it actually usually has the opposite effect. They are not giving their energy, they are letting it flow through them so it can also give them a boost. In the most practical sense, if you have had a loss, tend to take on other people’s emotions at work or at home or feel drained, this is a good option for you. There are other techniques to add to this such as salt baths, yoga and a clean diet (it’s not a magic bullet that will heal everything). However, this loving healing energy will help you think of better decisions for yourself that may have been hard to see. The practitioners at House of Intuition are trained to feel what is going on and where your chakras are blocked.

We offer reiki at House of Intuition at our Melrose and Sunset locations seven days per week. Call to book a session if you feel called to it 213-413-8300. You can also attend our reiki certification classes which can be found on Check out Tanya’s Reiki Lab 11/10 at 7pm and her Reiki Level II Certification on 11/27 at 11am.

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