The Gifts of Hematite

Hematite Is traditionally associated as a stone for blood due to its iron content and occasional red hues. Metaphysically it is believed to aid the physical body in iron absorption, improving circulation, and mineral balance leading to improved health. These are wonderful attributes; however, we are going to focus on the spiritual aspects and benefits of this amazing high vibrational stone!

Hematite is primarily associated with the Root Chakra, but also has a very strong connection with the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Root Chakra is responsible for being grounded and our sense of security. The Solar Plexus Chakra is where our personal Power and our personal feelings of worthiness and self confidence reside. Because Hematite has these associations with the two Chakras above, Hematite can be used to activate both the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. Before I continue with the many gifts associated with Hematite, below I am placing several affirmations to meditate and think on while using Hematite in conjunction to boost the energy to The Root and Solar Plexus areas. Also, pay attention as you say these affirmations, if you feel the need to cry, it is simply blockages being released as they are being brought to the light. I recommend doing these affirmations while holding Hematite and looking at yourself in the mirror while you say these affirmations.


ROOT Chakra Affirmations:

* I am safe

* I am grounded and centered

* I am rooted and strong

* I am grounded and centered

* I am calm and connected to the earth

* I am stable, centered, and secure

* I am able to be present

* I am able to focus and center myself in the present moment.

* I am courageous and compassionate with myself.


SOLAR PLEXUS Affirmations:

* I am worthy

* I am valuable and I feel valuable being authentic to myself

* I am powerful

* I am whole and complete in myself.

* I am powerful no matter the times I have felt weak.

* My power is mighty, I am gentle and giving

* My power does not need to be stated because I embody it

* My personal worth is not dependent upon others


Now that we have gone over some powerful affirmations to use with Hematite, here are some metaphysical benefits of Hematite followed by ways to use it in your daily practice:

* absorbs negative energy

* calming and soothing in times of stress

* a stone of protection to ward off low vibrational energy

* a stone for grounding which helps bring you to the present moment calmly so that you can step out of over thinking and worrying

* activates both the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras

* helps the Root Chakra by taking negative energy and transforming it into positive energy

* wonderful for memory and focusing

* counteracts confusion by pulling you out of your own head giving clarity

* helps you feel connected to the earth 

* helps you connect to your physical body


Hematite is not a sensitive stone, however it is not a stone that you want to get wet. Especially with raw pieces, when wet it can develop rust due to the iron content within the stone. To cleanse Hematite, you may move the Hematite through the smoke from any of the following herbs: Lavender, Mugwort, Sage, Palo Santo, Dragon’s Blood.  Alternatively you use a sound bowl to cleanse the energy, pass a selenite over and around it at least three times, or let it rest beside a citrine for 30 minutes.  If you work with the moon phases, you can also let the Full Moon’s light cleanse it and recharge it.


Ways to use Hematite:

* When feeling scared or overwhelmed, take up the yoga pose called "Child's Pose" and relax with the Hematite, let it begin to help calm, and relax you.

* Finding yourself over thinking or becoming worried? Pick up a piece of Hematite, hold it in your left hand to activate its calming properties with your receptive hand for extra nurturing. Hold it there for 3 minutes, then place it in your dominant hand which will help you feel your inner power.

* If your children are fearful or stressed at night, place Hematite next to their bed or under their mattress to help them sleep peacefully.

* It is also a stone of magnetism and when you need a reminder of your power and strength it will help to inspire you to act on self love and grounding.

* When used in a regular practice Hematite helps you to attune yourself to feeling your own energy and you will know when you are ungrounded, as some report an extra strong pull when ungrounded.

* When working on a physical transformation, keep one in a plastic bag in the fridge where you can see it, so it will remind you to be conscious of your eating habits and regrounding you.

* If you feel the presence of energy vampires or draining people, touch your stone and say in your head to yourself and to your Hematite “Thank you for your assistance, I am free of other people’s negative energy and influence.”

* Especially powerful when worn as a bracelet as our hands can send and receive energy. When worn on the left it can help you open up to your intuition while being grounded and on the right it can help you from giving out too much energy.

* Placing one near electronics also helps clear out EMF radiation according to some practitioners.


Crystals often work well with one another and rarely do not get along.  Here are some great combinations of Hematite and other Crystals and stones:

* Hematite and Cinnabrite:  this combination allows you to stay grounded while working and drawing in financial success.

* Hematite and Black Tourmaline: acts as a double dose of grounding and blocking negative energies from thoughtforms to energy vampires, highly recommended for empaths.

-Hematite and Apophylite: used to call in light through Root Chakra to become grounded and cleansing the way up your chakras as Apophylite works with all of your Chakras to call in light energy and to balance them.

-Hematite and Blue Apatite: helps you to communicate with the clarity of being grounded, getting your message and truth across without being aggressive.

As you can see Hematite is an absolutely wonderful stone! Now that you have some new knowledge about this powerful stone you can begin to use it to attune to your higher self! 

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