The Perfect Time To LAUNCH: March 27 New Moon in Aries

While all new moons are good for starting new things, the Aries new moon is known to be the most potent! Why is it time to launch? Well this is also the first new moon of the astrological year! In case you didn't know, last year was about endings but this year is about beginnings according to numerology. Aries is a sign that likes to push forward new ideas, so metaphysical farmers get ready to plant those seeds of intention!

Have you been mulling over an invention or wanting to start your own company? Your passions have never been higher when it come to your purpose and work in the forefront of our minds now. We can release progressive ideas even if they don't match anything already out there! The new moon is a time for beginning, reaching out, planning and taking action to birth your dreams. Focus on that calling that you're feeling and cultivate your desire to help the big picture. It's days like today that change history because people finally decide to do something with their ideas! How exciting! 

It's also important to note that this new moon is in Aries which is a fire sign. Anytime we have a moon event in a fire sign, we can be impulsive so don't be temperamental with your partner or loved ones. It may be good to fly solo on this full moon to not have interference with the ideas you are downloading. Don't go seeking validation for your ideas either, chances are they may be so new that people won't yet understand them. This is a time to go to your woodshop and carve out your dream!

I want to be super clear about something. Having both the sun and moon in Aries makes for extra hasty decision making. You'll need to be sure to take the moral high road as Venus retrograde could bring back a past lover stirring up old feelings. Keep your integrity in tact and don't be caught up in this type of energy capiche? This is a chance to succeed big time so keep your focus where it should be. 

It's time to wipe the slate clean with your creative approach. Let go of the approaches that are not working. Start fresh and be willing to change your tactics! It's time to do things differently.

Seeds planted on a new moon generally take about 2.5 weeks to begin to bear fruit which is right around the full moon. If you want to do a ritual to set your intention, we have a special new moon in Aries candle!  It also makes a great gift of inspiration for a friend! We have a new moon sound healing session at 5pm with Christine at our Sunset Location or a Healing for Prosperity with Aimee at 8:30pm! 



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