What To Expect with This Mercury Retrograde: April 9-May 3

The preshadow period of this new Mercury retrograde shadow began March 27th. The preshadow gives way to the 'preshadow intensified' period which lasts from April 5-8. This is when you may start to feel the effects or see them around you. Mercury will station direct on May 3 and the shadow will finally be gone May 21st. We've released a special candle to help you remember what to focus on for this retrograde so you can use the energy to your benefit! Here's the download on this retrograde so you can reboot and sharpen your creative tools! 

First of all, the preshadow is in Aries. That means we will start to see how our psyche and communications during this retrograde will begin to shift. You can begin to implement more patience in communicating at this time. Then on April 9, the retrograde starts out in Taurus. Astrologers predict that it won't be easy to choose between two options at this time and it may be better to consider a less black and white approach and find a way to incorporate both things if possible. When you recognize that tug of war in your decision making, you can just take some of the pressure off of your mind and see if you can do a little of each. 

Next we want to protect the way we communicate with our loved ones. Venus will still be retrograde until April 15th so we have been feeling tested because we are healing our past right now. Our relationships may have been feeling on the rocks but just hold on a little bit longer. Have you noticed the ex's popping up too? Other aspects of this retrograde bring a confluence of ego and opportunities so in order to protect your relationships, know good things are coming and for Pete's sake, don't get a big head! 

Overall, be extra mindful of your reactions and words. Find ways to relax to allow the pressure of feeling like you need to succeed to blow off. Make small adjustments to your psyche to deal with the new focus of organizing your finances and double checking your work. This is great for all of you who just launched new projects on the new moon because you can iron out those initial kinks right out of the gate!

Because we are seeing the retrograde move from Taurus an earth sign, to Aries, a fire sign, we can expect yet another shift of the psyche. Taurus has to do with our finances and the pleasures of the senses. We may want to redecorate a room in our house or reorganize our belongings. Making some aesthetic changes in the home can let your spirit soar! Aries is about moving forward and taking risks so your focus will be more on the future as the retrograde comes to a close. 

As always, be patient with travel snafus and when people don't read your words how you intended. Keep a close eye on your electronics and release things that don't need to be a part of your mind or material world any longer. This is your time to reflect, relax, reboot and rejuvenate! Take care of that body with nice scrubs and sprays and use this time for self love so you can attract better loving reflections in your outer world. 

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