Ritual Cleansing: The Power Of Palo Santo

The Power Of Smudging with Palo Santo


Many people know about cleansing with sage, but have you tried Palo Santo as well? The name is Spanish for "holy wood" and these fragrant sticks of peace and purity help any space feel sacred and blessed, even before you light it. 


Unlike sage, every Palo Santo stick comes with a story and an energy that makes it a powerful protector and purifier. Harvested from South and Central America, Palo Santo trees are treated with love and respect as holy trees. They aren't cut down and the wood is blessed and prayed over by Shamans. 


Every time you use Palo Santo, you are remembering and manifesting the mystical energy that was needed for that small piece of wood to become powerful once illuminated. 



Here's Ten Facts About Palo Santo you probably didn't know: 

  • Palo Santo has been used through ancient and modern times for spiritual cleansing and purifying. 

  • Burn Palo Santo to clear any negative energies or unwanted spirits

  • After you sage, you need to do something else to set a positive intention. Palo Santo already has positive intention pre-packedthanks to the shamans that bless it. 

  • Used widely by shamans and healers, this "holy wood" brings in peace, harmony, luck and protective energies. 

  • Palo Santo even helps with allergies, being a strong decongestant for your nasal cavities. 

  • Male and female palo santo trees are grown together with one male tree and 8 female trees

  • Our Palo Santo isn't cut from desecrated trees--the trees fall down naturally and are left on the forest floor for years to rest before the wood is harvested. This makes the sticks way more potent! 

  • Palo Santo is also a potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory that can help a myriad of issues like joint pain, arthritis, migraines and even repelling bugs. 

  • Palo Santo is related to the citrus family and its wood has hints of pine, mint and lemon. 

  • The power of Palo Santo is so strong, it does not need to be lit in order to gain its cleansing properties. Throw it in your bag of crystals or in your tarot bag for instant cleansing thanks to the aromatic oils in the woods. 

Burn Palo Santo the same way you would sage. Create an intention and speak or think your intention as you cleanse out your space. Open your doors and windows if you feel like it; chant or sing a song if you feel inspired. You must keep relighting the tip of your palo santo in order to keep it lit. Make that part of your ritual and really connect to the moment. Feel the energy flowing over and around you. Enjoy the cleansing and medicinal effects and let the Palo Santo do its work! 


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Do you have any stories about cleansing with Palo Santo? Let us know in the comments! 

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