Tarot Card Of The Week: The Sun

Tarot Card Of The Week: The Sun


The sun card comes up for you! Oh happy day! This is literally one of the best cards in the deck and such a positive omen that this came up for you today and at this moment in your life. At this moment in the world!


You’ve been through the ringer the past few weeks and I feel like you've been on your way to transformation for a while now. You have been doing all of the necessary work to transform and complete your metamorphosis and The Sun comes out to tell us that you have crawled on your belly, dodged hungry prey, built a cocoon around yourself and cooked inside the dark for a while.


Now your wings are cracking through the walls you have created and you are breaking out, transformed into a thing of beauty. The placement of this card as number 17 in the Major Arcana indicates that even though there is a baby on this card, this is not a first birth. It's a rebirth! 


You are moving into a totally new phase and you are looking around in wonder like you are seeing things and people for the first time. I think you have grown immensely. I think that the people and circumstances that used to support you, no longer do because you are seeing things with a new enlightened perspective. This card is intelligence: physically, morally and spiritually. This means you have not only transformed your circumstances and/or relationships, but what is actually happening, is that you are activating a part of your brain that hasn't been used before! 

There are theories that ancient civilizations of Egypt used different spheres of their brains and were much more enlightened people, developing unfathomable technology and even electricity that historians for some reason or another have renounced as impossibility probably because of ego or patriarchal doctrine. There is evidence that peoples of the ancient societies of Egypt lived as their “solar self.” The sun was the giver of life and through religious ritual, working with vibrations and zodiacal associations they were able to mimic the Sun's power within themselves and give life to incredible manifestations.


Macrocosmically, this card tells us that we are now collectively being emancipated by thousands of years of social slavery, indicated by the imagery of the wall behind this baby, which makes sense in our times right now as we are trying to evolve past barbaric acts of terrorism and death, global warming and other seemingly senseless problems that face our planet every day. There also seems to be a mass spiritual enlightenment happening.


As people are becoming more interested in the metaphysical now more than ever, their principals are shining light on things that don't necessarily have a scientific answer. Microcosmically, this card means that within you, within your own life, you are being freed from the shackles that held you prisoner, like fear or addiction or a person who keeps you stuck, or a job that doesn't work for you anymore. The nudity of this baby represents freedom from confines

The banner in this image is an announcement. In the Death card, which we discussed last week, we saw another darker banner. But this banner appears to be being ripped open, like what was once in shadow is now flooded with light. I feel like you are finally breathing new fresh air. And when you open your eyes you can see the way the trees, the grass and all of the lushness summer brings, breath with the same contentment of perfection. 


This card, however does come with a warning in my opinion: you must protect this baby!


Focus on your breath, stay grounded and present with him/her. Sometimes, the more we ascend on the path of enlightenment, the more we can fall victim to arrogance. It feels great to know how to manifest! And when we know what others still don't yet, we can feel higher than them.


Get grounded. You are spinning on the same earth as everyone else and if you get swept up in your ego because you are understanding how to control and manipulate situations at your will, it will all go away as quickly as it came. Stay grateful and loving within yourself and committed to the cause of staying grateful and loving to others no matter their rate of spiritual development.


I am so excited for you. These new opportunities are well-deserved because you have attained intelligence from darkness. That darkness was for a reason, you were incubating like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Now you are the newest, most radiant and beautiful baby butterfly I have ever seen and you are so deserving of all the love and affection the world has to offer. Stay pure and make your choices from your heart. You will not go wrong. Arcanum XVII The Sun means gain and riches and optimism.


The sun is finally shining. Breath in this new earth you have created. I love you! 


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