Crystal Visions: The Cleansing Power of Selenite

Selenite Crystal and its Cleansing Power


When a customer steps into a House of Intuition, one of the first places their eyes often gravitate towards are the magical towers of Selenitethroughout the store. It's hard not to be instantly drawn in by their shimmery and sweetly translucent quality, whether in tower, ball, wand, slab or meditation stone form. Selenite has a luminescent beauty and purity that not only looks beautiful everyday, but feels cleansing especially when paired with our Purify candle. 


And it is! Selenite is one of the most cleansing crystals you can behold. The draw in divine light and cleanse everything around them. They'll cleanse other crystals and realign your aura. 


Delicate but powerful, Selenite is like a white-light sponge for all energy. It shifts and filters energy around until it comes out prismatic and vibrant. Just think of the healing energy of the full moon, clear and calm in the night sky. That is the healing energy of Selenite, which translates roughly to "moon" in Greek


Just like you'd bath your soul and other crystals in the light of the moon, so can you bathe everything in the light of Selenite and maybe a bottle of our Higher Self Magic Bath! 


Here are some other great uses for Selenite: 


  • Keep a wand of selenite and a stick of palo santo near your tarot deck. People touch the cards and put all sorts of energy on them, but you can keep your cards constantly cleansed and protected just by having these two cleansing pieces on your deck when not in use. 

  • Get a slab and use it as a crystal charging station. Grimy energy from the outside world doesn't stand a chance against Selenite. Just like you'd charge your iPhone every night, charge your crystals on some Selenite. Don't believe us? People actually recalibrate their quartz watches and radios with Selenite! 

  • Connect with spirit guides! Selenite helps clear the fog so well that you are able to bring in the white-light and connect with your spirit guides who may have been hiding out until you were ready! Sleep with Selenite under your mattress for a super-connected sleep and see what spirit guides come to you in your dreams. 


How do you like to use your Selenite? Let us know in the comments, or tag us on Instagram: @houseofintuition. 

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