Tarot Card Of The Week: Queen Of Pentacles

Tarot Card Of The Week: Queen Of Pentacles


In a nutshell, Queen of Pentacles is telling you to really focus on work. Whether it's a new project, or a book you're writing, or just deepening your everyday practice, this quiet and majestic Queen of Earth gazes right at her pentacle.


Nothing else exists but this golden orb of life and you need to treat this opportunity like a plant. Give it sun and water and food and watch what happens!


In Pamela Coleman Smith's illustration of this card, we see a spring time scene, with a bunny and flowers and trees. To me she is Persephone, returning to her throne after winter's halting frost and allowing flowers to bud to the surface once again. She is the aspiration of the lowest aspects of matter to take part in the highest aspects of the great work of creation. As the personification of her element of Earth, QOP is passive and quiet, but in the most powerful way. She has a zen-like focus. 


Because she represents the most base of the elements, intuitively I read this card for you as: Remember where you came from.


Not the wintery cold pain of your history, but the other times of growth and love, and all of the people who have participated in it. Remember your mother's touch, or your father's rides to school. Remember how you and your cousins, sisters or friends created elaborate fantasy worlds of play. Remember how that one random family friend was always around throughout your entire life watching from the sidelines and making someone laugh. Remember your accomplishments and all those who were proud of you. All of these people and events are little fragments of love that have coagulated in the perfect way forming your personality in this incarnation. 


You are reproducing. Perennials don't have to think about how to grow--they just do every year like it's their job. Queen of Pentacles tells me that cool water runs through the veins of this thirsty earth and replenishes it, allowing life to bloom. Give your 100% undivided focus to this process. 


You are creating your money and your livelihood right now--this is very important to you. Root yourself in the ground and feel yourself rising towards your goals rapidly. You've manifested the opportunity, now zero in on it and give it the sustenance to grow into the giant grandmother tree, that will bear the fruit that you will live off of for the rest of your life


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