This Week in Astrology: Adventure is On The Horizon

Something major is happening! Neptune, which is the planet of our dreams and imagination has been retrograde for 150 days. This happens once per year. This planet spends 14 years in one Zodiac sign (the moon spends 2.5 days and the sun spends 29.5 days). Neptune takes 164 years to revolve around the sun and go through all twelve zodiac signs (the moon takes 30 days and the sun takes 12 months). How do these numbers affect YOU? When Neptune is retrograde, we focus on our inner spirituality and vision. Now that it’s stationing direct on November 20, we enter a time that is ripe for change. We now come back to physical reality to see what dreams are fantasies and which can be applied practically. The intense Scorpio moon was really digging our psyche deep into the meaning of our existence as well and now we shift focus.

The sun is moving into Sagittarius on November 21st at 4:22pm and it will stay here until December 21st when it enters the practical sign of Capricorn. This is the sign of direct communication ruled by the element fire. Half horse and half human, this adventurous wild energy loves the great outdoors and animals. It is the energy of a teacher and a natural healer. The image of the centaur with the bow and arrow represents the story arch of our personal evolution. Act one is relating to our animal instincts solely and living in the ego. Then in act two is the knight which starts to relate the personality to it’s soul. Finally in act three, the arrow represents the evolved state of an individual with complete focus on the soul.

How does this relate your YOU and your daily life? I am only concerned with helping you understand how to use this information in a practical way. First, anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius will have these characteristics as their conscious awareness more than others. You can better understand people you know with their birthdays this month. You probably see how they are able to say how they feel without holding back. Expect people to start trying new things outside of their comfort zone as we are no longer processing our fears and transforming our inner consciousness as we have been for the last intense month.

Globally and personally, financial matters on on the table this week. We may need to reorganize them and we may see people having power plays on the global arena. This is stemming from the placements of Pluto, Venus and Jupiter. When we have a square of two planets, we often see a change in the arenas they govern. The square is with Jupiter and Pluto (money and power). Be willing to sit down and talk about finances this week and know you will get through this.

The moon is moving from full to new, representing a decent of consciousness as the light of the moon wanes (this is called the waning moon). This is not a good time to start a new project or launch a business but it is a great time to really see any negative attachments that can be weighing us down. Now is the time to release these in order to grow.

The last quarter moon is November 21st and this is the time in your manifesting process when it’s best to clear out and release negative habits and things from your life that are distractions. On Sunday we enter the void where the veil between us and the spirit world is again this so we can receive creative inspiration on what seeds to plant for the coming new moon on the 29th. Prepare to enter the void and nurture yourself.

This is a good time for a bath bomb and using bath salts to purify your body and mind. Rejuvenating herbs, calm music and candles will help you through this emotional transition. Pick out which of our intention candles fits your life right now. Do you want a new job? A new romance? Confidence to pursue your dreams? Find the candle with the intention that resonates best with you and you’ll be prepared for next week’s new moon. Consider attending my Manifesting with The Moon Cycles and Vision Boarding class next Tuesday at 12pm to learn about this process. To sign up visit

Thank you for reading. We are here to help you ride the cosmic waves and thrive!

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