Flower Magic

Written by Harriet 
Working with flowers attunes you to the fairy realms and whether you believe in winged fairies or not, fairies can be thought of as the magical energy field that surrounds every plant, tree, flower and herb that grows out of the ground. The fairies hover over each living thing in nature and joyfully beckons it to grow and manifest into a thing of beauty which can feed or enliven the environment around it.
Mother nature's beauty comes in the form of flowers. If you sit with her, you can listen and hear her children. The fairies or the plant people rule and protect every blossom, every leaf, every stem and every root. 
Flowers are a lot like us, no two are exactly the same. Rooted to the ground, they rise high and open and blossom as they aspire to be closer to God. The flower is a perfect example of high magic as they are hermaphroditic. That is the secret to high magic. The combination of the masculine and feminine in divine harmony gives birth to incredible manifestations. Are you masculine enough to penetrate the membrane of space and go after what you want? And are you feminine enough to open up completely and receive it? Much like DNA chains, the kundalini life force energy or the caduceus on the staff of Hermes, the polarity of two bursts forth together to create life. This principal can be mimicked through ritual and spiritual integration in order to give birth to incredible manifestations. 
Flowers essences are potent infusions of fresh flowers combined with pure water steeped in sunlight. The resulting liquid holds the living cellular structure of the flower’s vibrational pattern which when used can help shift the energy field. Flower essences carry a pure vibration and can shift denser energies lodged in the body as well as promote emotional and mental balance. Alchemy is the art that turns what is base or material like a lump of coal into something high and beautiful such as a diamond. Whatever is lowly in form when combined with the frequency of love turns divine. Much like in life, suffering can be the friction that is created in order to create amazing transformation. Their psycho therapeutic nature assists in revealing the authenticity of the soul from the walls we put up that are our ego or personality.
Flower essences are safe tools that help us handle the challenges and growth opportunities of life with ease and grace. Flower essences are known to produce lasting positive changes. They work in a self adjusting way that helps us to recognize new possibilities and perspectives critical to our well-being.  They are an ideal compliment to psychotherapy, energy work, massage, and self development.
Flower essences work on a vibrational level to encourage balance.  They are not biochemical medicine nor can they be used or expected to cure.  You can take two to four drops of them four times a day.  You can apply them topically, place drops under your tongue or in your drinking water, put them in bath water, or mist them into the air or on your pillow at night. 
The flower magic class taught by yours truly (Harriet) is this Sunday November 20th at 1:30PM. Sign up on www.meetup.com/templeofintution/. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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