Top Books On Goddess Spirituality

They say the best way to control people is to invoke fear. Women have been struggling to reclaim their self esteem for a very long time as their worth has been tied up with their external appearance. There has been a tremendous amount of disgust and shame created about women's natural selves, moon cycles and body parts. Spiritually, women used to play a big role but as information about the intuition was taken from the public, so was the power of the woman. The divine feminine actually has ancient pagan roots. Before witches were painted as bad, they were the healers in the community. Witches' power was taken away by making people afraid of them through drawings that depicted them as old and haggard. Witches have a deep connection to nature and are able to harness the power of the universe to do good. In many cultures, women were the wisdom keepers and healers. There are female priestesses and goddesses in each culture such as Hinduism, Judaism, Christian, Egyptian, Asian, Celtic and African and Andean cultures. Check out these top 8 books we love to deepen your knowledge of goddess spirituality. 

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1. The Mists of Avalon - This is a historic fiction book and movie that occurs at the time when old world spirituality was replaced by a patriarchal system. We usually carry this book in our library and many powerful women in America say it is their absolute favorite!

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2. Women of The Golden Dawn: Rebels & Priestesses - This is a non-fiction book about women who were in the hermetic order in 19th century Europe and had a major impact on literature, politics and theater. They aren't as well known as the male hermetic like George Bernard Shaw and Walt Disney but changed the world and their story is an important part of female spirituality. Find it on our shelves. 

2017-2018 The Witches’ Almanac – Water

3. The Witches Almanac - This book comes out annually to help you time your energy with the planetary movements and learn about magic along the way. It offers information from many cultures about goddesses and helps you develop your own power. We also carry this at HOI! 

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4. Archangels & Ascended Masters - This is like an encyclopedia of angels and goddesses as well as male figures. Doreen is deeply connected to these energies and has put together a comprehensive guide to help you know who to call on for what. We also carry this book. 

5. Goddesses & Angels - This was one of the most mind blowing books I ever read! Doreen travels to sacred sites like Lourdes, France and Sedona and is able to connect with the Goddesses associated with each place who give her information she is able to verify on her trip! This incredible book will open your eyes to a whole new world that is available to help you heal and manifest.

6. The Wild Feminine - Reclaim power over your body by finding joy in it. This is great for women who have trouble talking about sexuality and feel shame about their body. It's a really influential piece in the feminist movement with a spiritual foundation. Explore your creativity and healing abilities with this book!

7. The Divine Feminine Fire - This talks about the spiritual experiences of women in different spiritual paths throughout the world. It explains what happened to them as they were contacted by spirit and awakened. It shares the stories of two saints as well. Do check it out and see the parallels in these women's lives!

The Witches' Goddess: The Feminine Principle of Divinity

8. The Witches Goddess - Learn how to call on and invoke the goddesses as you learn about the goddess presence throughout history. This book will help you understand how our collective conscious is opening to the divine feminine energy. 

These deep books are truly transformative and if you find yourself having many failed relationships or behavioral patterns that feel disempowered, it's time to awaken your power. I truly mean that! You can tap into your potential starting right now. You can own a company, write books, be a healer, whatever is in your heart! With Love, ~House of Intuition


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