Was Jesus A Yogi? Research Reveals His True Story

What do the saints, Jesus, Buddha and yogis have in common? More than you might think. While we know quite a bit about the life of Jesus during his ministry from age 30 on, recent books and not so recent books reveal he most likely traveled to the a Tibetan Buddhist monastery called Hemis in India. In the 1800's Nicolas Notovitch broke his leg while travelling and spent time healing in the monastery. He heard stories of a man named Issa which sounded very very similar to Jesus. Interestingly, the Bible leaves out years of the life of this master from 12 until he started preaching later on. This gap is when even this BBC documentary reports, he probably traveled to India. As this documentary reports, no one in history has been written about more than him and yet there is nothing in the Bible about his life from age 12-29 and these are refereed to as the lost years. 

There was significant controversy when Nicolas released his book called The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. Nicolas recanted his statements and it's possible he was threatened to do so. More researchers visited this monastery to find these stories and verify them. There is speculation that the Drukpa Buddhists don't want to stir up a religious problem and keep their peace by not publicizing this. If you'd like to read another book about this, check out Beyond the High Himalayas. This book was written by a Supreme Court Justice and is more recent in the 1920's. 

Why is there so much mystery about the life of Jesus? Is it that the power of meditation is the reoccurring theme in all saints and sages? This type of information certainly would make meditation much more popular. We know he prayed and encountered angels. With so much controversy, read the books for yourself and come to your conclusion. There are now many books about the lost years of Jesus and many people studying it. There are similar miraculous feats among the ancient yogis and Jesus. The new testament doesn't report on these years but many people report seeing these mysterious scrolls reporting the Issa manuscripts. 

There's also information that strongly indicates Jesus traveled to England. I remember being on a tour of ancient cathedrals and churches. I wasn't particularly religious at that time in my life but I remember when the tour guide said it was rumored that Jesus had been in this church and a feeling came over me and I burst into tears. It was quite interesting. Scholars continue to debate over these lost years. 

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