How To Survive Tomorrow's Full Moon

You could spend hours digging through different websites, finding what each astrologer says about tomorrows full moon but I didn't think you wanted to so I did. Some astrologers are more fatalistic and some embellish on the flowery ideas. Plus, decans, squares, trines and degrees are difficult to interpret and we can get lost in a rabbit hole when we don't have a million hours to learn astrology just to read one article.  Here's some straight forward advice for tomorrow's full moon so you can use it instead of being pushed around by it emotionally. First, all full moons bring new opportunities but emotions are heightened so be EXTRA patient and expect something cool in this four day window. That's the light and the dark. Now let's look at this moon specifically.

We are at the end of Mercury retrograde but not completely out of it's shadow so you may realize communication get's easier, things you've been pushing forward can finally take off and plans can be set in stone. Mars (the planet of passions) and the Sun (our ego) are now in Virgo which is a grounded and practical sign linked to the earth element. You can take care of business now and expect to do that through the September 20th new moon when the moon and sun will be in Virgo. Next it's important to know that tomorrow's full moon is in Pisces which is a water sign and can bring heightened psychic insights. However, the flip side is that if we are around a negative environment, we can get confused with what is insights and what is a bad idea. Avoid drugs and alcohol on a full moon like this! You may feel very strong emotions today so just plan to lay low and not act on your emotions capiche? Alternatively, the sign of Pisces is very loving and we could see some positive relationships spark up with the confidence brought about by the full moon. Just don't let your reactivity get the best of you captain. 

People may feel disappointed by their spiritual path, whatever that may be but remember that we often put our faith in another person to guide us when all we need is to strengthen the connection to our own soul and spirit, knowing that all humans are imperfect. Avoid disappointment and meditate on your own divinity. And on a positive note, projects you started six months ago may finally show fruit as we are in the harvest season so if you've been steadily working towards a goal, doors will open or resources will show up. It will be clear if there are some seeds that don't plan on sprouting so cut your losses. 

Next is looking at what we just came through which is what we call eclipse season. You can expect everyone around you to be going through some type of major life change, for better or worse. The energy of the sun from the solar eclipse is behind whatever we have been focusing on so hopefully we have diligently been locked onto our goals. If you feel like the walls of Jericho are coming down around you, know that this is what happens in eclipse season and just be calm as your friends move states, jobs and homes. Many people will have experienced an elevation of consciousness spiritually around the eclipse and may be experiencing confusion on the full moon with the placement of our friend Neptune so don't interlock with any temporary disillusionment and just do something practical like laundry or clean your car. 

Finally, Pisces is creative and you can use all this emotional surging to create something you are passionate about. Reflect on what the world is dealing with and find something beautiful in that pain to express and uplift the planet. We have a beautiful full moon ritual for you on HOI.TV to help you release and use this energy! 

Cover photo by Catherine Driver. 


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