Understanding Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a guided meditation where you are able to see what you did in past lives. It is helpful in healing blocks that keep you from experiencing more happiness in your waking life. It can help you overcome fears that seem illogical. It can help you heal negative relationship cycles. I personally had a really intense fear of being alone and saw myself in a past life die by myself. After I did the past life regression, the fear went away and I was much more independent. It was really empowering.


You’ll find people that claim they were someone famous in a past life but that’s usually just them confusing their ego with the actual truth. Be careful if someone says to you that you were someone famous in a past life because even if you were, the important information about what you learned and experienced is what will come from spirit, not your name. In order to by-pass the ego, it’s helpful to do a past life regression with a skilled practitioner. Aimee Bello studied with the legendary Dr. Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters available in our library). Aimee offers this service to the community from the depths of her own soul. She is passionate about helping you heal on a deep level and she will guide you safely. If you are skeptical, that’s ok. What do you have to lose? There are actually many accounts of people now being able to prove past lives. ABC even did a special on a very young boy who could recall his past life as a pilot and had extensive knowledge of planes. He even remembered the names of the people in the plane with him when it went down in the ocean. Click HERE to watch the special.


Aimee is offering a group Past Life Regression Monday December 12th for $15 at 8:30PM. Click here to sign up!


I recently had a friend come up to me excitedly at a party and say that her whole life had changed. She said she had lived her whole life afraid of death and then read Many Lives, Many Masters. She said she felt so much pressure was lifted just from reading that one book. I could sense the difference in her too. She felt much lighter. She said, “I am no longer afraid of death!”


Past life regression is a practical self improvement tool that can help you grow into your highest potential as a spiritual being. I think a session with Aimee would make a marvelous gift idea for the holidays too! She is available Mondays 2-6pm by appointment. For more information, click here.

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