The Astrology of Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day this 2021, we will have the Moon in Aries making its conjunction with the Wounded Healer Chiron. The Moon in Aries is about pushing forward the fire of self and the individual. The conjunction to Chiron that it's making will be motivating and encouraging a sense of personal healing needed. Whether you are single or in a relationship, what is being promoted by the stars for this Valentine's Day is true self-love.

How do you interpret and understand love? What do you need out of the relationships around you? What makes this Valentine's Day so different from others we may have experienced is that this is a day to actualize and realize what you need in your life. This day is a day to pinpoint what personal healing we need centering around love. How do we embrace a universal love that will push us forward towards what we want to accomplish?

Mercury is still in Retrograde. With Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius, making a conjunction to this Retrograde energy, the universe encourages us to reframe the philosophy of how we perceive love. Do you show love to your partner genuinely and consistently? Do you encourage yourself with words of affirmation? Do you stay in the vibration of love with all that you do? These are the kind of questions that are streamlining to the collective on this day. This holiday is an excellent day to review and revise how you want to show love to the world and those closest to you moving forward.

If you can, spend some time today to figure out who you can connect to that you love. Set up a FaceTime or a Zoom meeting with those that you care for. If you have a significant other, tell them how much you appreciate the care for them and commit to showing up daily. If you are single, spend the day with friends and do something you all would enjoy!

The way to heal you is to choose love, and the way to express love is to be love. Become love, spread it to those you know. Connect to those who share a similar point of view and philosophy but most importantly, be sure to honor yourself most.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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