Weekly Astrology Forecast | FEBRUARY 15

There is a party of planets in the sign of Aquarius known as a stellium. This unorthodox energy is challenging us all to think outside of the box. What creations do you wish to share with the world? What knowledge have you gained within the past few weeks that you can take with you as you push towards the future? Tap into the values of the communities around you that you can connect. Honor your inner genius and find your inner bliss this week.

The steps to take going toward your dream opportunities are going to unfold. Destiny aligns with what we have on our minds: the better the mindset we make for ourselves, the better things turn out. The reality building around us is built from the philosophy within you, with this Mercury joining Jupiter this week. Let go of the details and surrender to the flow. Sometimes surprises can be shockingly beneficial.

Pisces Season begins at the end of the week, leading us into a more artistic space full of possibilities and wonder. Embrace what spirit is trying to show your intuition. Accept your natural talents to paint the world around you the way you would want to achieve. Aquarius Season was about us connecting to our divine minds; this Pisces Season will join us to our hearts of hearts. With Mercury Retrograde ending on the 20th. It is time to leap forward towards what our heart tells us to do. 



2/17 ASTROLOGY 101 Foundations: The 12 Houses in Astrology: Areas of Life Energy Occurs

These areas in the sky show us the areas of life where and how the planets affect us specifically. By learning these houses and incorporating the planet and zodiac sign you can see the full picture in what each energy does in a chart.


Many people see certain symbols and numbers and have no idea what they can mean. We will discuss numbers, synchronicity, and how they can even relate to astrology during this workshop.

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