WEEKLY ASTROLOGY FORECAST | AUGUST 23 - Healing & The Asteroid Ceres

Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: August 23rd to 29th

By Narayana Montúfar

Self-Nurturing Body & Mind: We begin the week still under the beams of the fortunate Blue Moon that took place Sunday morning. As the Moon begins to wane and become smaller, we still have that feeling of being held and supported by the universe. While the week ahead doesn’t come with the same planetary alignments that last week provided, the days ahead do provide an opportunity to nurture our body, soul, and spirit. 

Continuing the theme of feminine magic, this week features one of the asteroid goddesses in her full splendor. Asteroid Ceres—known in Roman mythology as the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and the seasons—is often referred to as the mother goddess for her involvement in the Myth of Persephone. While this infamous myth links Ceres to the loss of her child, in astrological archetype as well as the birth chart, Ceres relates to our style of self-nurturing and self-care.

Asteroid Ceres is currently traveling in Gemini, and this week, it will join forces with the Moon's North Node of Destiny, making her energy prominent for the entirety of the year. As its name alludes, the North Node of Destiny is of extreme importance in astrology, as it marks the trends and overall energy we all follow as a collective.

While self-nurturing and self-care have become super “trendy” in the past years, wait until you see Asteroid Ceres in action this year! Although the concept of “self-nurturing” often translates into getting enough rest, taking baths, or pampering ourselves—in Gemini, Ceres is all about the higher mind. After all, Gemini is an intellectual air sign that needs mental stimulation to reach its higher vibration. So from this week on, nurturing and self-care reach a whole new level of emotional intelligence! 


Questions to Ask Yourself This week:

Which limiting beliefs am I willing to abandon in order to grow?

Am I nurturing in the way I talk to (and see) myself?

How much of my mental stress do I carry in my body? 

Ways to Channel Your Inner Ceres: 

Write a list of your most-precious successes.

List all the things you love about yourself.

Write a love letter dedicated to yourself.

Ceres in Gemini Mantras:

“I am willing to love and nurture myself by transforming my inner-dialogue.”

“I am willing to open my mind to other points of view.”

“Thinking positively about myself heals my soul.”


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