Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: August 30th to September 5th

By Narayana Montúfar

Aim for Balance: As we prepare to close the month of August, we enter the second week of Virgo season. Every year, this is always a time of focusing our energy on cleansing, analyzing, and fine-tuning our lives. And this week, these analysis skills will not only be useful but necessary!

Our sexual energy will take a hit this week as Mars and Neptune form a complicated connection in the sky. If you feel low energy and tiredness this week, it’s totally understandable. Mars is the ruler of our vigor, drive, and ambition—and since it will clash with confusing Neptune, we are all bound to feel a bit lethargic.  

Luckily, Mercury comes to the rescue by entering balanced and pleasing Libra. Communication is extremely important in our lives, and having the messenger planet in the sign of the Scales will really prevent us from getting tilted. Regardless of our zodiac sign, we will all be more fair-minded and sympathetic, and interested in bringing more balance and harmony into our lives.

There are a few reasons why the entrance of Mercury into Libra is so important. For starters, it is the silver lining during a week that brings a triggering energy. Secondly, Mercury will spend an unusual amount of time in Libra due to its upcoming retrograde cycle, which will begin on September 26th. For this reason, we will be working with the energy of Mercury in Libra until November 4th. Lastly, since Venus is also in her kingdom in Libra, the deeper our focus is on the tactful and graceful characteristics of this sign, the better we will be able to weather this week’s funky astro-weather.

As a friendly reminder, when Neptune is in a tough aspect with another planet, things are most likely not what they seem. The week ahead is not one to take risks. And it’s also one to focus on the positives, regardless of how annoying the negatives can be.


This Week’s Pro Tips:

The higher vibration of Mercury in Libra:  Balance, sympathy, eloquence, diplomacy, and fairness.  

HOI Candles:  Balance Magic Candle & Libra Zodiac Candle

Crystals for balance & mental clarity: Garnet, Jade, Agate, and Angel Quartz

Mercury in Libra Mantras:

“The more I focus on the positives, the more I win.”

“My stability is a reflection of my inner harmony.”

“My balance is my biggest strength.”

“My words have power.”


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