Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: September 6th to September 12th

By Narayana Montúfar

Embrace Change To Attract Abundance: Welcome to a beautiful week in the sky. As soon as Monday arrives, we are under the spell of this month’s new moon, which occurs at 5:52 p.m. Pacific Time, in the sign of Virgo. As an archetype, Virgo is an Earth sign connected to the cyclical changing of the season. Every year in the Western hemisphere, Virgo season heralds the end of Summer as a way to prepare us for the arrival of the next season - Fall.

Bringing a double dose of Virgo energy, this week’s New Moon is primed to support you in making big, meaningful life changes. Uranus, the planet of change, will be activated by both luminaries, allowing us to see things from a different perspective. Change has been the theme of the astrology of 2021—but that doesn’t mean it has been easy. Although necessary, change can sometimes feel sudden and scary. Under this lunation, we will be ready (and more willing) to embrace as the underlying reasons for it become more apparent.

If you have been wanting to connect more with your body, start a new cleanse or diet, or are considering changing important life habits, there’s no better moment to do so than now. With Uranus by your side, all you need to do is organize yourself around your efforts and you will be successful! This New Moon’s influence will be felt three days before and three days after. But its energy hits its strongest a half hour before and half hour after its exact occurrence (5:22-6:28 p.m. Pacific Time). 

But there’s more! Exactly on the day of this New Moon, the two most positive planets, Venus and Jupiter, will be sending sparkly beams to one another. Whenever these planets connect the way they do today, we feel inundated with optimism and hope. As a friendly reminder, Venus is currently in one of her stronger placements while being in Libra, and her connection to Jupiter gives us access to all things Venusian: money, attraction, beauty, art, intimacy, desire, and glamour.

Below are some of the themes you can focus your manifestation practice on around this week’s astrology, along with aligned ritual tools:

Attracting money & abundance:  Money Magic Candle & Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil

Making positive changes within relationships:  “Bless Me With Eternal Love” Affirmation Rollerball

Bringing more elegance into your beauty routine:  Elegance Hair Mystics & Rose Quartz Crystal Body Polish

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