Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: Week of September 13th

By Narayana Montúfar

Transformative Creativity: As we head into the final week of Virgo season, the cosmos will be asking us to strengthen our level of awareness as a way to look beneath the surface. In more ways than one, we will be asked to rely on our intuition to develop our “night vision” and manifest from the inside out.

This week, the Sun in Virgo will be forming two astrological connections that will set the tone for the entirety of the week. On Tuesday, September 14th, the Sun will be sitting exactly across from Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect that only happens once a year and that is bound to alter the way we see the world around us. When the Sun and Neptune clash, a feeling of “moving through the fog” takes over, and suddenly, we are not able to see what’s exactly in front of us. Reality is somewhat distorted due to Neptune’s elusive nature, which can cause confusion as well as lack of motivation.

On a more positive note, this is prime astrological weather for channeling our inner muse. When Neptune is in a challenging position like it will be this week, we are all being called to abandon the more mundane aspects of life, to instead focus on all things Neptunian: inspiration, imagination, music, art, glamour, and psychic sensitivity.

Then on Thursday, the Sun will also be reaching out to power-house Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. This twice-a-year aspect is not for the faint of heart, but it provides the energy needed for positive transformation. But for transformation to happen, we must first create the space to invite new things into our lives. When Pluto is active, we are welcomed to think about the things that are no longer functioning in our lives, and how we can release them so that part of our lives or ourselves can “regenerate.” Think about removing a dead plant from a pot so you can plant a new one.

As you can see, both Neptune and Pluto rule all the things we cannnot see, but what we can certainly feel. Together, Neptune and Pluto are inviting us to close our eyes so we can tune into our intuition and figure out what needs to be removed from our lives, and then “visualize” what will be replacing it.

So, this week, when closing your eyes, what is the future you envision for yourself?

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