Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: September 20th to September 26th

By Narayana Montúfar

Intuition & Healing: The third week of September is quite a busy one, with lots of planetary events happening back-to-back. Like the sky, expect to be busy—and as much as you can, try spending time alone as a way to tune into your intuition. 

We begin the week with a mighty Full Moon, which will be exact on Monday at 4:55 p.m. Pacific Time. Happening in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, this Full Moon marks the end of a cycle, so we can expect important endings to arrive around this time.

As an archetype, Pisces is a water sign ruled by oceanic Neptune and mighty Jupiter, the two most spiritual planets. Neptune’s rulership over Pisces makes the energy of the Fish healing, mystical, and psychic. And Jupiter’s traditional rulership makes this sign the spiritual sage that’s always embarked on an inner journey of self-exploration.

This dual planetary rulership over Pisces is important to mention, because, in 2022, Jupiter and Neptune will join forces to bring blessings into our lives. So, in a way, this Full Moon in Pisces is a window into the future. This lunation is like a crystal ball we can tune into to get a sneak peek into the growth and transformation we can expect in the year ahead.

On the same day this Full Moon manifests, asteroid Vesta makes a power move by entering the sign of Scorpio. Mythologically speaking, Vesta is one of the many goddesses that express different dimensions of our sexuality. In ancient Rome, Vesta was Saturn’s daughter and one of the three Vestal Virgins who oversaw the sacred burning fires that protected the city from strife. In astrology, asteroid Vesta represents our fire within, what is most sacred to us, as well as how we express our spiritual devotion.

Scorpio is a very powerful placement for Vesta, as this sign’s no-nonsense attitude provides the resources for her to be bold and unapologetic when getting what she wants. Vesta in Scorpio goes deep and sees right through the surface, making for a strong combination that will help us achieve our goals. And although Vesta will remain in Scorpio until November 15th, the fact that she enters this sign exactly on the day of this Full Moon highlights the healing, psychic, and nurturing powers of the water element.

On this Full Moon, take a deep dive into the waters of the unknown, and allow yourself to see into your future.

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