Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 11 - Seek Answers Under the Audacious Sagittarius New Moon

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Mantra: “The further back I shoot, the further I can advance in the future.” 

It’s a New Moon week, the very last one of 2023! When the luminaries unite in any part of the sky, us humans receive a new beginning. But this week’s New Moon is quite different, as it manifests just hours before the retrograde of Mercury begins (check our latest blog to get a simple ritual to harness this event).  

Beautifully rising in the skies of Sagittarius, this lunation is jovial, celebratory, and full of optimism. As the Zodiac sign stares at the horizon, Sagittarius truly believes in life’s beautiful miracles. However, before the party starts, there is an important task to fulfill. Happening on Tuesday, December 12th at 3:32 p.m. Pacific Time, the embodiment of this New Moon feels like an audacious Archer freezing at full gallop before shooting back its arrow. The message is clear: In order to move into the future, we must first process the past. 

Below are journaling prompts that will guide you in aligning with the energy of currently relevant planetary bodies in the sky. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be better informed to tackle 2024 in just a few weeks. And don’t be so hard on yourself, if you respond “no,” it means you now have a clear target for the year ahead!  

Journaling Prompts to Review Your 2023

The luminaries: Have my emotions felt aligned with the persona I am portraying? 

Mercury: Was I able to fully express myself in 2023 through speech or writing? 

Venus: Did I experience pleasure, joy, art, and all the good things in life? 

Mars: Which goals did I manifest, and which goals did I not and are still relevant to me? 

Jupiter: Did I get to travel to a new destination, or explore a new life philosophy?

Uranus: Was I able to liberate myself from something or an outdated belief this year? 

Neptune: Did 2023 help me realize that love is magic and that there is a higher power at play? 

Pluto: Did I embrace true personal transformation by ditching the old and stepping into the new? 

Chiron: Did I heal a deep part of me by loving myself as much as I could? 

Asteroid Vesta: Did I practice enough rituals as a way to bring more magic into my life?  

Asteroid Pallas Athene: Do I have a clear life strategy for 2024?


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