Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 12 - Reawaken Your Intuitive Abilities

By: Narayana Montufar

Mantra: “I was born with a sharp intuition and I’m setting the intention of reawakening my gift.”

We were all born with incredible intuition and the ability to see, feel, hear, taste, and sense all kinds of information. However, due to societal or family norms, most of us have suppressed it. Intuition is like a muscle, so the more we use it, the more it will grow. This is particularly true this week, as a combination of five planets creates the perfect terrain for flashes of intuition to occur. 

Waves of psychic material will arrive in the form of imaginative visions as the Sun in Sagittarius illuminates Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. What’s even better news is that the visions we receive can be key to figuring out complex problems, thanks to a helpful connection between messenger Mercury and the planet of genius, Uranus. This astrological combination is what out-of-the-box inventions and breakthroughs are made of! However, to remember the information, it’s key to write it down right away. 


Below are some mini rituals and simple life practices that can help you reawaken the divinator within: 

Make psychic tea: Add a teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg (these spices are known to awaken psychic powers) to your tea as you repeat the mantra listed above. Before you drink it, sink into its beautiful smell, allowing your sense to open. When drinking the tea, savor its flavor and the sensations it creates in your body. Once you’re done drinking it, meditate for about five minutes and write down everything that came to you. 

Do a blind reading for you or a friend: Take 8 to 10 pieces of paper and write questions on them. Try asking all kinds of questions (ask a couple of important questions, a location, and then maybe an object or a person). Download information for each piece of paper, without knowing what is written on them. Once you download information for all the pieces, then you can reveal the question and decipher the information.

Begin a dream journal: Our dreams will be especially powerful this week, so make sure you keep a journal by your bed so you can log in all the visions, colors, and symbols you received. To better remember your dreams, it’s advised to not eat too late and spend time away from your phone before going to bed. 



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