Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 26 - Mercury Goes Retrograde in Capricorn: Reassess Ambitions

By: Narayana Montufar   

Mantra: “As I leave the year behind, I sit in stillness and celebrate my 2022 accomplishments and resilience.” 


As we are on the verge of entering 2023, Mercury, our cosmic messenger and trickster, does it again! From Thursday, December 29th at 1:32 a.m. to Wednesday, January 18th at 5:12 a.m. Pacific Time, Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is about resources and mastery. Instead of doing New Year’s resolutions, embrace introspection so you can begin aligning with more grounded and realistic ambitions in 2023. 


Read your Sun as well as your Rising sign for more targeted guidance:


Aries: This retrograde is about patiently and cautiously redefining your career goals as well as your public image. Instead of starting, finish already in-progress projects. 

Taurus: It’s time to reexamine the way you see and approach the world. Adapt your philosophy of life to the changes you experienced in 2022. 

Gemini: Cleanse your mind and remove the unnecessary baggage so you can begin 2023 feeling anew. Deep healing and psychological work are favored now. 

Cancer: It’s time to renegotiate the terms, rules, boundaries, and promises within your closest bonds. Business and romantic partnerships are highlighted. 

Leo: Your usual life routines and processes no longer apply, so it’s time to make adjustments and reimagine new ways of moving through life. 

Virgo: Playing, creating, and having fun will reawaken your spirit and bring back your creativity. Let go of control and seek spontaneity and new inspiration. 

Libra: For you, this retrograde is about re-rooting! Strengthen your roots and sense of security by redecorating or creating a space that speaks of who you are. 

Scorpio: Re-write, re-view, and re-think. Instead of starting new projects, perfect those which you’ve already started. Writing is the best form of therapy for the next three weeks. 

Sagittarius: Change your approach to value in every sense of the word. Create a new budget, but also re-think your own personal values. 

Capricorn: The way you approach the world needs a revamp. Adjusting your image to the person you are becoming will instigate positive change and authenticity. 

Aquarius: You get the opportunity to release the old stories that have been stored in your psyche for too long. Dreamwork and hypnotherapy are your friends now. 

Pisces: Revise your list of hopes and dreams, as well as the tribe of people who will be key in manifesting them and making them happen.



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