Harness the Winter Solstice with this Dark Moon Goddess Ritual

By: Narayana Montufar   

As we prepare to wrap up 2022, we are on the verge of crossing another portal, the Winter Solstice, which arrives on Wednesday, December 21st at 1:48 p.m. Pacific Time. This special moment in time marks the beginning of Winter and the arrival of Capricorn season. Also known as Yule in Pagan culture, this event has a strong connection to the dual concept of light and dark, as it brings the shortest, darkest day of the entire year. 

This year, the Winter Solstice brings even more magic, as it is occurring during this month’s dark moon phase, while the Moon is in spiritual Sagittarius. The Dark Moon is special, as it’s the only time of the month the Moon is not reflecting any light from the Sun. It is when Mother Luna is in her purest, rawest form, whispering secrets in the form of powerful revelations. The Dark Moon has many faces, including witchy goddesses like Kali, Lilith, Medusa, and Hecate. 

The Ritual

The following ritual is designed to invoke Hecate, as she is the Greek triple goddess of witchcraft, magic, and crossroads, always depicted lighting the way in moments of darkness. For this ritual, you will need three small black candles, a lighter, a piece of garlic, a printed image of an owl, and a printed image of Hecate. Head to a place in nature where you won’t be disturbed, it could even be your small garden.   

Once you’re ready, begin to meditate on the spirit of this triple goddess, representing the maiden, the mother, and the crone—all different manifestations of the divine feminine. Draw a crossroads on the earth, with you standing in the middle. Turn your three candles on and hold her image in your left hand while repeating the following mantra three times: “Triple goddess Hecate, Dark Moon Goddess, I invoke you now as I stand at a crossroads in a time of deep transformation. With your light, guide me as I move from darkness, into the light.” 

Once you have invoked her, sit down to meditate on Hecate’s image and magic while you wait for the three candles to completely burn. Also meditate on the image of the owl, bringing powerful messages from this Dark Moon goddess. 

Lastly, bury the piece of garlic in the earth as your offering to her and close the ritual. The more time alone you spend the next day, the more messages you are bound to receive from Hecate. 



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