Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 5 - Feel Whole and Manifest with the Elements

By: Narayana Montufar 

Mantra: “I align with the four elements of the natural world to live in perfect harmony with the universe.”

The astrology of the first week of December is interesting, to say the least. The main event is an intense full moon (stay tuned for a blog fully dedicated to it) that will expose the energetic imbalances in our lives. This lunar event is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, we currently have planets activating all elements, helping us to recalibrate the scales. 

If we are going through an elemental imbalance, the current planetary configurations make that element available to us. Reigniting an element takes effort, but the rewards are absolutely worth it, as these are the elements of the natural world we live in and that make us feel whole. 

Below are the four elements, their meaning, as well as the activities that bring them back into our lives. 

Fire: The fire element is an indicator of creativity, energy, and self-expression. It is what makes us feel alive and excited about life’s possibilities. Whenever we lack fire in our lives, we become angry and act impulsively, and bringing it back requires one thing: movement. Committing to exercise at least three times a week is how we reignite our joy and creativity. 

Earth: The earth element is what grounds us in moments of stress and helps us work steadily towards our goals. Whenever we lack earth in our lives, we run from one project to the next, not really getting anything done and wasting our energy. To bring it back, walk barefoot on the grass, take care of plants, or practice yoga. 

Air: The air element is what keeps us connected with the outside world, as it is all about communication and the exchange of information. Whenever we lack air in our lives, we become bored, anti-social, and uninspired. To bring it back, we must read, talk, write—and more than anything, stimulate our hungry intellect. Exchanging ideas with others is also key. 

Water: The water element is what makes us feel nurtured, supported, and happy. Whenever we lack water in our lives, it means we are repressing our emotions, which leads to depression. The antidote for bringing water back into our lives is a deeper connection with our feelings as well as other people. Have a good cry, release and express your feelings, and tap into your creativity. 



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