Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 28 - Overcome Mars Retrograde Challenges

By: Narayana Montufar

Mantra: “When I go with the flow, I dodge the obstacles along my path.”

Astrologically speaking, the last week of November brings a mixed bag of energies. Certain projects are beginning to take shape or form, but as we make strides towards our goals, setbacks and annoyances emerge. This is when Mars Retrograde comes into play. Mars Retrograde is the rarest retrograde there is (don’t forget to check our previous blog dedicated to this event), this time extending from October 30th to January 12th. However, we will feel its effects the most this week and next week as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun collide with Retrograde Mars in Gemini. 

As you probably already noticed, our productivity has been taking a toll. And as Retrograde Mars gets activated this and next week, we will not be able to get much done. Or perhaps, certain deals or partnerships that have been in the works, slowly but surely begin to fizzle right in front of our eyes. And of course, this will all feel very personal. 

In mythology, Mars is the God of War—and in astrology, Mars rules anger and aggression. As we move through the next couple of weeks, it will be key to remember this. It is okay to feel anger and frustration, but what can be dangerous is to act on them. Taking a step back feels wrong when living in a society that prizes overwork and being available 24/7. But when Mars Retrograde arrives, that is the smartest option available to us. 

Mars Retrograde is a time of huge surrender, as well as deep observance. By the time Mars goes direct on January 12, we will have renewed drive and ambition. And the way we go about showing courage and chasing our goals will be totally transformed. So, instead of swimming against the current, why not opt to go retrograde with Mars?! Below are some reflection questions to help you flow with this week’s astro-rhythms. 


Mars Retrograde Reflection Questions:

How can I turn my anger into positive action?
Is the lack of advancement being fed by my ego? 
What happens when I express my anger in healthy and constructive ways?
Is my anger bubbling up to the surface due to having been previously repressed? 
How can I express my masculine energy in ways that are courageous but also inspiring to others? 



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