Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 20 - Harness the Power of the Aries Stellium

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By: Narayana Montufar

Mantra: “I feel fire running through my veins, catapulting me towards my most authentic self.”

Get ready for fireworks! Due to the current position of the Sun, we are technically in Pisces season. However, in 2023, the season of the Fish comes with a very different vibe due to a heavy dose of cosmic fire blazing through the sky. Starting this week, we will experience what astrologers call a Stellium. 

A Stellium occurs when four or more planetary bodies occupy the same zodiac sign. From February 20th to March 16th, there will be a total of six planets and asteroids (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, and Asteroids Juno, Vesta, and Eris) activating the skies of Aries. 

Stelliums are fascinating in the way that they allow for us to truly experience the energetic imprint of a sign and its ruling planet. However, an elemental imbalance is also sure to be felt. In this case, we will see the fire element being extremely magnified, bringing the need to ground and find calm. The strengths and weaknesses of Aries will also be highlighted for the entire collective, regardless of our sign. 

At its worst, Aries energy is intense, as the Sign of the Ram is considered to be a young, raw type of influence. At its best, it can be channeled towards chasing a dream or a goal, or towards defending a deep sense of independence and authenticity. Below, you will find guidance on how to harness the fiery and unapologetic vibe of this Aries Stellium, making it work for you and not against you! 


Aries Stellium Higher Vibration:

  • Leading others in a way that is inspiring.  
  • Defending our birthright to heal our past. 
  • Embracing our uniqueness and authenticity. 
  • Courageously defending what we believe in.
  • Showing ourselves to the world exactly as we are. 
  • Being self-aware of how our words and actions affect others. 
  • Embracing a healthy feeling of independence by learning how to nurture ourselves. 

Aries Stellium Lower Vibration:

  • Seeing ourselves through someone else’s eyes. 
  • Enjoying living under a feeling of “survival mode.”
  • Hiding from following a passion due to the fear of failing.  
  • Feeling like we can’t be ourselves due to societal conditioning. 
  • Having a “me first” attitude and behaving in an extremely competitive manner. 
  • Dependency on external validation, chasing goals just for the pleasure of having what others want.  

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