Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 13: Call in Love with this Venusian Love Spell

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By: Narayana Montufar

Happy Valentine’s Day week! Just in time for the most love-filled week of the year, the stars perfectly align, bringing the ultimate astrological connection for romance. Since January 26th, Venus, the Planet of Pleasure, Love, and Relationships has been in its absolute favorite zodiac sign. For centuries, the skies of romance-obsessed Pisces have been known for providing the perfect terrain for the most famous goddess of all to work her magic. 

Venus is set to leave Pisces late Sunday night—but before her exit, Venus will make a dreamy connection with Neptune, the Planet of Glamour and Romance. This once-a-year meet-up is occurring on Wednesday, February 15th at 4:25 a.m. Pacific Time, bringing fireworks to those who plan on having Valentine’s Day festivities. 

Under this astro-weather, those who are happily partnered are sure to have a fabulous time! And for those who are single but desire to find a person to share their lives with, the Love Spell below is for you! However, those who are happily single can still harness this energy and cast the spell with the finality of attracting a deeper sense of self-love and self-admiration.  

The Love Spell

You will need a red candle, matches, incense, a tiny piece of either Turquoise or Opal, honey, your favorite perfume, a pen & paper, and an envelope. 

Begin by getting ready and dressing up as if you were going to meet the person of your dreams. Next, clean your space with Palo Santo or incense, then adjust the lighting and turn on your favorite playlist. 

Turn the candle on and begin writing a letter, in the present tense, to your future ideal person. Be as specific as possible when describing the qualities you love and appreciate about them. Once you are finished, stare at the candle flame for several minutes while imagining this person coming into your life.

Once you’re finished, grab the honey and begin anointing the letter as well as the tiny crystal as you repeat the following mantra three times: “I call in love, I call in romance, I am ready for the person of my dreams to come into my life.” 

Put the letter and crystal inside the envelope and seal it with some of the red candle wax. Finish the ritual by writing your name on the envelope, spraying it with your perfume, and burying it in the Earth as close to your door as possible. Or a lovely alternative would be to bury in a potted plant (a flowering one would be a beautiful option) and keep it by your front door or windowsill ❤️🥰🌸 too.

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