Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 6 - Reawaken Your Inner Goddess with this Powerful Visualization

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By: Narayana Montufar

A powerful reawakening of your inner goddess is taking place this week. Can you feel it? If not yet, you will soon! Asteroid Vesta, the brightest of all Asteroid Goddesses that can occasionally be seen with the naked eye, enters the scene. On Tuesday, February 7th at 8:43 p.m. Pacific Time, Vesta enters the skies of Aries, where it will remain until April 15th. 

Vesta has a special place in Roman mythology, as she was one of the Vestal Virgins that keep the city’s fire burning. Her devotion to protecting the city granted her special treatment, with one of them being to remain virgin, by choice. Vesta is the Asteroid of Spiritual Devotion and Sacred Sexuality.

During its time in Aries, Vesta will be involved in a two-month process of deep inner healing that begins this week and lasts until April 12. The visualization below is designed to align you with the energy of this goddess, as its fire will assist you in staying devoted to this transformative process. 

The Visualization

Sit on a meditation cushion or pad on the floor where you won’t be disturbed. Proceed to light a candle, preferably red or dark green. Over the next five minutes, stare at the flame while visualizing the symbol of Vesta, which depicts the Fire of the Hearth. Once you feel connected to the symbol, imagine it changing into the colors of a rainbow, shining through each one, as it begins to move towards the top of your head. 

Once it’s right over your seventh chakra, your crown chakra, the symbol will adopt a violet color, opening this energetic center and burning the negative blockages you hold in this space. You will repeat this step with the following six chakras, coloring the Vesta symbol to fit each one:

7th: Crown Chakra: Violet

6th: Third Eye Chakra: Indigo

5th: Throat Chakra: Light blue

4th: Heart Chakra: Green

3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow

2nd: Sacral Chakra: Orange

1st: Root Chakra: Red

Once you get to the bottom, the first chakra, repeat the following mantra three times: “I am devoted to deep healing; I am devoted to doing the inner work; I am whole into myself.” 

Take a few moments to allow the energy of this powerful mantra to take over your entire consciousness. And once you feel ready, repeat the same sequence backwards. But this time, instead of opening, close the chakras. 

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