Weekly Astrology Forecast I January 16 - Seek Success with Mercury Direct in Capricorn

By: Narayana Montufar 

Mantra: “I am the embodiment of discipline and self-mastery; I am determined to achieve my goals.”

Welcome to the real beginning of 2023! Unlike other years, 2023 began slowly due to the Retrogrades of Mars and Mercury. When two planets that reside so close to Earth retrograde at the same time, the pace of life is the slowest it can be. And while this might have been nerve-wracking for commerce, at a personal level, it was the perfect antidote for burnout. 

Instead of rushing to the finish line, we had the chance to decompress and slow down. By embracing this slower pace, we got the rare opportunity to ask ourselves why we do what we do, and why we chase what we go after. No one would say this transition was easy, but most of us could agree that it was necessary. In the heart of winter, it was a major moment of hibernation for the soul. 

With Mars now direct since January 12, followed by Mercury also going direct this Wednesday, January 18th at 5:12 a.m. PST, the road is now becoming clear. As Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger and ruler of all avenues of communication, finally ends Retrograde and goes direct, we are taking our power back! 

While Aquarius season begins on Friday (stay tuned for a blog dedicated to this event), Mercury will remain in the foundation building sign of Capricorn until February 10. Until then, we will all be inspired to embody the highest vibration of this boss-like, success-driven sign, especially when it comes to business dealings and when navigating the realm of career. So, how can we all, regardless of our zodiac sign, embody this planet-sign combination? We list the characteristics of this ambitious combination below: 


Mercury in Capricorn Inspiration:

  • Create a strong foundation for your position or business. 
  • Have high standards in the work you deliver and receive. 
  • Avoid pessimism by being open to other people’s ideas. 
  • Instead of falling behind try being ahead with your projects. 
  • Carry yourself with an air of authority, even if you’re not the CEO!
  • Instead of adopting a black-and-white mentality, embrace all shades of gray. 
  • Err on the side of reason, but always leave room for emotion and compassion. 
  • Stay calm and collected in moments of crisis to gain the trust of your peers. 
  • Create a timeline for your career goals not to pressure yourself, but to keep yourself accountable. 




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