Weekly Astrology Forecast I January 9 - Your 2023 Power Horoscope: How Mars Direct Will Boost Your Sign

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By: Narayana Montufar 

Rejoice! This week, we’re coming to the end of a journey that began back in the fall of 2022. Mars, the Planet of Drive, Assertion, and Sexual Desire has been retrograde since October 30, transforming our approach to masculine energy. As Mars prepares to go direct this Thursday, January 12th at 12:56 p.m. PST, we’re (finally!) getting ready to put the learnings of this long retrograde in place. From now until March 24th, Mars will boost our confidence, activating a very specific area of our lives. Find out how to master this energy below!


Read your Sun as well as your Rising sign for some specific guidance:

Aries: Your intellect will be working at full speed, giving birth to new ideas. Sell them, present them, and definitely write them all down! 

Taurus: Your ability to make more money and also defend what’s most valuable to you gets boosted! Request a promotion or raise your prices. 

Gemini: You have energy at your disposal to assert yourself in any area of your life. Take charge of your destiny and go for the gold!

Cancer: Your imagination is incredibly rich right now, sending your messages through your subconscious mind. Starting a dream journal can be incredibly helpful now. 

Leo: What is your biggest dream? The next few months are ideal for chasing it and manifesting it through the power of collaboration. 

Virgo: As the hard worker that you are, you deserve to be recognized. Assert yourself in the realm of career, and even launch your own business. 

Libra: After a mini-existential crisis, your faith in life returns! Celebrate this shift by chasing a lofty (maybe even scary) goal—it is now or never! 

Scorpio: Your sex drive returns, as does your ability to truly connect with the important people in your life. Seek deeper commitments now. 

Sagittarius: Partnerships of any kind are no longer negative or scary! Channel a lot of your energy on cooperation and fixing any relationship problems.

Capricorn: Certain work projects that have been delayed for months suddenly begin to move forward. Focus on seeing them through by March 24th.  

Aquarius: Your creativity returns now, so put it to good use by setting new ideas and projects in motion. The dating scene is now safe, too! 

Pisces: Your home life returns to normal after a major transformation. Celebrate it by re-decorating a special corner or room to remind you of your immense resilience.

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