Weekly Astrology Forecast I July 24 - Pluto square the Nodes: Evolve Your Soul

By Narayana Montúfar 


Mantra: “When I work on myself at the deepest level, I become part of the collective evolution.”  

Welcome to a week like no other! You’ve probably noticed an accelerated amount of change in the collective vibrations. Since June, Pluto—the Planet of Power and Transformation—has been clashing with the Lunar Nodes of Destiny. This has brought an incredible amount of collective adjustment that has required us to make personal choices. 

 While we will be feeling this energy on and off for the rest of the year, it is the most intense now and until September. When working with a planet with such an immense reach, what astrologers do is look at the personal chart for answers. We all have Pluto in our charts—in fact, we share the same Pluto sign with an entire generation. This means that we are working through the same evolutionary themes as them. However, we all approach Pluto from a different perspective. 

To not only “cope” but personally grow now and until the beginning of 2024, we must all work with our own Pluto placement by zodiac sign. Find your Pluto sign as well as the evolutionary lesson that you are being called to work on. 


Pluto in Libra:

Oct. 05, 1971—April 17 1972

July 30, 1972—November 05 1983

May 18, 1984—August 28 1984

Your Lesson: In past lives and this life, people have projected their beliefs, needs, and world views onto you. For this reason, you evolve when working towards themes of freedom and independence. You experience real breakthroughs when building a strong sense of identity that reflects your desires. 


Pluto in Scorpio:

Nov.05, 1983—May 18, 1984

August 28, 1984—January 17, 1995

April 21, 1995—November 10, 1995

Your Lesson: To work on your personal re-empowerment, which involves transcending all the material, emotional, and psychological limitations that prevent your personal growth. You must unroot your old belief system, overcome external validation or sources, and become emotionally and financially self-sufficient.   


Pluto in Sagittarius: 

January 17, 1995—Apr.21, 1995

November 10, 1995—January 26, 2008

June 14, 2008—November 27, 2008

Your Lesson: To explore a vast ocean of ideas, beliefs, and philosophical insights—but not get caught up in them. You want to know these to form not only your own opinions but also your own ways of living in the world. Writing and self-expression are one of your vehicles to reach this desired place. 


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